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Changes in a Student's Financial Aid Package

The studentís aid may be revised at any time, based on a change in his/her eligibility, his/her enrollment, or office or agency error. If the studentís financial aid already has been credited to his/her student account, the student may be responsible for partial or full repayment of the funds, regardless of the reason for the adjustment. As required by law, revision of a studentís aid package may occur if:

  • The student's aid was based on false or inaccurate information (including estimated income data or grade level). This may be the result of corrections found during the verification process.
  • The amount of financial aid received exceeds the studentís calculated financial need
  • The student does not maintain satisfactory academic progress
  • The student fails to meet enrollment, grade point average, participation or other requirements for a specific award
  • The student drops classes, stops attending classes, withdraws from the College or does not complete all modules for which he/she were registered for at the time those modules began
  • The Office of Financial Aid made an error in determining the studentís eligibility for, or disbursement of, his/her financial aid awards

The Office of Financial Aid has the right to review, adjust and cancel a financial aid award at any time due to changes in the studentís financial or academic status or the studentís failure to provide requested documentation. Financial aid is contingent upon many factors, including availability of federal, state and institutional funding.

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