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Why Owens? A Message from the President.

Steve Robinson, Ph.D.


I'm delighted to serve as the Interim President of Owens Community College. I am a life-long supporter of the community college mission, having seen first-hand as a student, instructor and administrator the power of education to transform students' lives. Community colleges especially have the flexibility and responsiveness required to meet the needs of their students and their communities, preparing them to successfully compete in today's economic environment. In Northwest Ohio, this is important because nearly 75% of Owens alumni choose to contribute to our regional economy by continuing their careers locally.

One of the many reasons I enjoy serving as a Director on the Owens Community College Foundation Board is that the Foundation is a strong supporter of the College through funding of students scholarships and program initiatives. This is significant because while the College receives some funding from the state of Ohio, it covers less than 50% of the College's operating costs. Consequently, the College is constantly under pressure to increase revenue from other sources. Nearly two-thirds of our students receive some form of financial aid to attend classes at Owens and many would not be able to afford a college education without the financial assistance that Owens provides. The generosity of many private donors allows the College to offer scholarships, quality instruction and valuable program support.

We need your support to continue to provide a quality, affordable education that will help students succeed. I hope you will join me in investing in students and in the future of Northwest Ohio.


Steve Robinson, Ph.D.
Interim President

Owens Community College Foundation

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