Program Recommendations for Students

Students are encouraged to consider the following:


    Although you are a college student, your employer is expecting you to conduct yourself as an employee. Your assignment will offer you many opportunities to market yourself to management. Ask yourself often, "Am I demonstrating by my participation that I possess personal qualifications for future leadership?" Your personal appearance and conduct should always be in accord with the nature and the requirements of the environment.

  2. ATTIRE:

    Before reporting on-the-job, the student should make it a point to ask the employer what kind of dress is appropriate for work. Professional appearance includes good hygiene, absence of visible body piercing/tattoos, and clean shaven appearance.


    A copy of all correspondence with the employer and the College should be maintained by the student. It is very important that the student provides the Faculty Mentor with copies of all correspondence with the employer. This will help the student keep an up-to-date record.


    A daily log detailing your responsibilities and experiences each day will help immeasurably in writing the end-of-period work report when the student must reflect on and evaluate the experience.

  5. LETTER:

    Each student must write a letter to the employer expressing thanks for the opportunity provided. This should be accomplished during finals week.


    How will your attitude affect your career growth? It should be recognized that a "good attitude" toward job assignments is most sought after by supervisors and potential employers. A "good attitude" involves many things, some of which include:

    • A "good attitude" is displayed to an extent in punctuality.
    • The ready acceptance of tasks, whether large or small will constitute a "good attitude." Many times supervisors will "test" their student employees by giving them tedious or routine work in order to determine their dependability and willingness to work. Ready acceptance and successful completion of assigned tasks generally leads to increased responsibility.
    • Another evidence of "good attitude" is an active interest in assigned work. Most supervisors will welcome the opportunity to give a breakdown of your tasks and their significance to the company. Your interest in your work is usually rewarded by the company's interest in you.
    • Another trait which is indicative of "good attitude" is your ability to get along with fellow employees. Satisfactory relations with co-workers will not often be a problem if you practice tact, fairness, and respect in dealing with them.

If you will heed these hints for displaying a good attitude, your internship experience should be marked with success and satisfaction.