Student Responsibilities

Throughout the educational process it is important for students to maintain a professional, mature sense of responsibility to themselves, their employers, and the FPA Department Internship. Since all actions reflect on the individual, the student's adherence to the basic set of principles, as stated above, will provide for personal growth and development. FPA Department Internship students assume the following responsibilities:

  • The student must successfully pursue an appropriate course of study.
  • The student is expected to demonstrate enthusiasm and responsibility by participating in all assignments as responsible and productive employees.
  • Student must keep an accurate and complete log of hours worked.
  • Internships last for a full semester. Students must log a minimum of 150 hours over the semester. Internships are not complete until the semester is over. Under no circumstances can the student be hired by the employer before the semester is complete.
  • Student must follow all guidelines outlined in the Internship Course Syllabus.

The student must exhibit a sense of responsibility by maintaining a close rapport with the Faculty Mentor while in school and on the job. This may include the submission of written reports or other assignments which are to be completed and submitted in an orderly and timely manner to the necessary person.

Internship Guidelines

The following are some of the routine standards that apply to the administration of the program and are expected of the students and employers.


    During the semester before their internship, all students must complete the Departmental Review and obtain approval from the department chair before they can register for the internship class.


    A student's interests and qualifications are considered when selecting internship sites. Selections will be made by the FPA Administration based on, but not limited to, the following guidelines:

    • Ability of a site to fulfill the education requirements of the internship.
    • Availability of the site.
    • Site requests from students or employers
    • Individual student degree concentration
    • Students area of past performance success
    • Location of the internship site

    It is the sole responsibility of the FPA Department to approve sites used for internships. Students may submit a request for a particular site with the understanding that the use of the site is determined by the FPA Department and the College. Such sites must meet all of the established educational goals for the program and agree to the terms set forth by the department. It is up to the discretion of the FPA Department to utilize student-identified sites.

    Students are placed at sites within a 120 miles radius of the Toledo-area Campus. Students are responsible for the costs incurred for transportation.

    If a site is requested outside the 120 mile radius the internship site must have an established internship program and be affiliated with another institution from which interns have been assigned. If these requirements are not met the site will not be considered.


    Students will receive 3 credit hours for the internship course.


    Students will not receive special treatment and must observe all rules and regulations of the company.

    Students are not staff and/or employees of the site while in the role of a learning student and as a result may not earn a stipend/salary for their services.

    Students failing to follow the above employee status will be subject to disciplinary action ranging from but not limited to dismissal from their degree program.


    Students are not permitted to enroll in any classes which will interfere with their FPA Department Internship working hours. Work through this schedule with your employer.

    Students will attend all assigned learning activities assigned by the FPA Program or Faculty Mentor in correlation with targeted learning objectives.


    Absences from the job of more than two (2) consecutive days must be reported promptly by the student to their Faculty Mentor via e-mail.

    Outside activities and working are not considered to be valid excuses for poor academic performance or lack of attendance at required internship meetings or classes.

    Failure to fully participate in all internship duties and course activities is considered abandonment of the site and will result in failure of the internship unless it is an excused absence per program guidelines.

    An unexcused absence is grounds for dismissal from the internship and failure of the course.

    In the event of an illness or emergency necessitating absence from the site, students must personally notify the site first as soon as possible and then contact the Faculty Mentor immediately to report absence. Students who are absent from their site for more than three (3) consecutive days due to a reported illness will require a written medical note for their record.


    Students will receive information from the FPA Program via Owens e-mail accounts and must maintain and regularly check their Owens e-mail address. The program is not responsible for a student missing valuable information, assignments, scheduled/required events, or deadlines due to failure to check their Owens e-mail.

    Students are encouraged to retain all written, hand-delivered or electronic correspondence sent to or received from the FPA Program during the internship which can, as necessary, be used to resolve any discrepancies which may arise.

    Students may contact the core faculty or staff by telephone (567-661-7081) or e-mail at any time. Response to e-mail will be given within 24 hours excluding weekends.

    If emergencies arise due to personal issues or issues pertaining to the internship that result in the immediate leaving or removal of the site, students should contact their Faculty Mentor and the FPA chair by phone as soon as the incident occurs.


    Students at sites not affected by adverse weather conditions should attend their site even if the College is closed.

    Students at sites that have significant adverse weather conditions must use their best judgment in consultation with their site employer in determining their site attendance regardless of the status of the college.

    If the class meeting time on campus is cancelled due to inclement weather, the course instructor will determine the “make-up time” for the class and notify students via e-mail.


    Abandonment of an internship is defined as a student leaving a site or failure to attend a site without the prior notification to and approval from the FPA Administration to leave that site for any reason.

    Students may not leave an assigned internship without prior knowledge and consent of the Faculty Mentor and FPA Administration, nor may they interview prospective internship employers without similar approval.

    NOTE: If a student terminates an internship without consent of the Faculty Mentor and FPA Administration, the student shall not be eligible for any additional FPA Departmental Internship opportunities.

    If a student is removed from a site by their supervising employer, an internal review and outcome by the FPA administration will be completed before the student may return to the site or be placed at another site. Actions taken by the FPA Department may include but are not limited to:

    • Meeting with the FPA Administration to review employer concerns.
    • Meeting with FPA Administration, Faculty Mentor and Site Employer to review concerns.
    • Review of outcomes with student before returning to the site, placed at a new site or failure of the internship and course.

    Grades will come from the employer's and faculty mentor's evaluations, assigned projects and any end-of-term report. Students should review the course syllabus and the evaluations contained in this document.

    Any student who is unable to complete their internship due to medical or personal reasons will receive a grade of an incomplete if appropriate. Written notification to the FPA Administration must be submitted by the student and approved before a student will receive an incomplete. If approval is not granted for an incomplete, then the grade of an "F" will be given.

    All appeals of grade will follow the College Student Handbook.