Visual Arts Faculty

Ruth Foote
Professor, Photography

Ruth Foote, originally from the Detroit area, is currently Associate Professor and Coordinator for the Photography Program. She is also a part-time resident of upstate New York, where she spends summers working in her studio.

Photography has been part of her life since before she was born. Her parents documented important events that were then shared communally via slideshows. Her first camera was a 126 instamatic and she continued the family tradition. Although interested in the arts, Foote was discouraged from becoming a starving artist during college. Instead, she studied environmental biology at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Mich. After earning her bachelor's degree, she spent several years in the environmental advocacy field working for watchdog organizations such as the Sierra Club. Her career took a different direction after she rekindled her personal interest in photography and pursued her Master of Fine Art at Southern Illinois University.

During her graduate work, she discovered her passion for teaching and has been in the classroom ever since. Prior to Owens, she taught at a number of colleges and universities throughout the Midwest, including Rochester Institute of Technology, Skidmore College, and University of Michigan. Her teaching experience includes beginning through advanced levels in both wet darkroom and digital applications.

Foote's award-winning work has been exhibited nationally and internationally. Her personal artwork covers a range of subjects and technologies. She believes that the message of the work drives what medium is most appropriate. Movement and multiple exposures are distinct visual elements in much of her work, as she seeks images that convey an interpretive emotional feel, rather than a descriptive illustration of fact. She still has that 126 instamatic but prefers her pinhole camera; or she occasionally uses digital SLR's or old view cameras to create a range of imagery from Daguerreotypes to Ink jet prints.

Carey Marten
Professor, Commercial Art

Carey Marten has been teaching in the Commercial Art program since August 2003. She was hired full time in August 2006.

Marten graduated from Bowling Green State University with a Master of Education majoring in Career and Technology Education in August of 2004. She also is a 2002 graduate from BGSU with a Bachelor of Science in Technology, specializing in Visual Communication Technology. Like many of her students, she too started her education at a two-year community college, where she received an Associate of Applied Science degree specializing in Graphics from Terra Community College.

Marten does the majority of her freelance work for her hometown of Bellevue, Ohio, where she designs many different types of materials from print to multimedia. She designed the 2010 Northwest Ohio Aids Walk logo that was held at International Parkway in Toledo. Marten's freelance design work is an important part of how she keeps current with design trends and programs.

Kevin Schroeder
Professor, Fine Art

Kevin Schroeder received his Master's of Fine Arts from Bowling Green State University in 1990. He has also studied in Florence, Italy. An accomplished and nationally renowned artist, Schroder has presented exhibitions across the country as well as establishing a distinguished record as a juror and curator.

Sally Welch
Professor, Commercial Art

Sally Welch earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Toledo and a Master of Arts in New Media from Bowling Green State University. As a practicing commercial artist for more years than she cares to admit and faculty member at Owens for nearly 25 years, she has personally experienced the major technological changes in the industry.

She started her career as a witness to the change from letterpress to the offset printing process. The publishing industry changed from printing with lead type, to setting single lines of type on photo compositors and pasting each column together with halftones and headlines into a page format. In a sweeping technological tidal wave, the WYSIWYG (What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get) paradigm emerged with the Macintosh computer platform in 1984. More than five hundred years of print technology was replaced with the click of a mouse.

Having taught classes in video, multimedia, web design, page layout, graphic design and digital imaging, Welch is partial to graphic design and digital imagining. With the growth of the program and the addition of many new classes and sections, she has been afforded the opportunity to concentrate on them.

Advisory Board Members

Commercial Art
Donna Trautman, Bowling Green State University
Lori Young, Bowling Green State University
Ellen Pizza, Commerce Paper Co.
Charles Spontelli, Bowling Green State University
Jim Gates, HOT Printing and Graphics
Wendy Moubray
Russell Grycza, Penta Career Center
Joann Gembolis, Bluefin Media
Carey Marten, Program Coordinator

Commercial Photography
Ben Colman, ASMP Past President, Art Institute Faculty
Eric Eggly, Point Seven Studio, Owner
Eric Leszkowitz , Keepsake Portrait Studio Owner
Scott Hall, Scott Hall Portrait Studio Owner
Ruth Foote, Program Coordinator