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School of Health, Education and Human Services

Programs in the School of Health, Education and Human Services offer a diverse variety of options that will prepare students to become clinically and culturally competent health, education and service professionals.

By maximizing individual potential through an innovative educational environment, students gain strong technical skills as well as learning the value of service both to their professions and their communities.

Dental Hygiene

Elizabeth Tronolone, Academic Department Chair
(567) 661-7374

Health and Wellness

Cynthia Doyle, Academic Department Chair
(567) 661-2984

Medical Imaging Technologies

Catherine Ford, Academic Department Chair
(567) 661-7370

Occupational Therapy Assistant, Fire Science and Emergency Medical Management

Barbara Seguine, Academic Department Chair
(567) 661-7415

Teacher Education and Human Services

Deborah Ciecka, Academic Department Chair
(567) 661-7283

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