The Honors Advisors

Cory Hoover

Founders Hall 1041, Toledo-area Campus
(567) 661-7096

Cory Hoover

I am excited about the opportunity to be the Honors Program Advisor at the Toledo campus. Seeing students develop and deepen their academic interests is an absolute pleasure to witness. The Honors Program is a challenging and invigorating path of study that certainly has an extended impact on one’s academic career. Being an Honors Scholar can also impact one’s awareness of others’ experiences and issues that impact local, national, and international communities. The Honors Program offers students unique opportunities to expand their academic experience here at Owens. The program is tailored to developing student’s individual interests, while encouraging collegiality between Honors Scholars, faculty, and other members of the college community at Owens.

It is my pleasure to guide students through the Honors Program curriculum. I welcome visits to my office in FH 1041, and can be reached via email at

Timothy Rice

Education Center 121 R, Findlay-area Campus
(567) 429-3019

Tim Rice

Both the workload and level of expectation will substantially exceed those of traditional classes. But with those challenges come significant rewards to those who complete the program. First, is the intrinsic satisfaction of fulfilling an arduous task, which relatively few endeavor to undertake. Another reward is the prestige the honors designation bestows upon those who seek admittance to various educational institutions and programs. And, obviously, potential employers will look very favorably upon an Owens Honors graduate.Greetings! We appreciate your interest in the Owens Honors Program. As the Honors Web site explains, the program provides an educational opportunity, above and beyond the typical curriculum, for talented and motivated students wishing to be challenged in a rigorous academic program

As the Findlay-area Honors Program advisor I will help to guide you through this exciting educational opportunity. Please do not hesitate to email me at or call me at (567) 429-3019 if I may be of service.

Russell Bodi

Founders Hall 1027, Toledo-area Campus
(567) 661-7524

Russ Bodi

If students are motivated to excel beyond regular class expectations, then perhaps the Honors Curriculum is the way to get more out of the college experience. Students engage in a compelling and challenging curriculum, one that introduces them to great authors, stimulating ideas, critical thinking, and a host of opportunities to work closely with gifted educators. Moreover, the Honors Curriculum offers opportunities to work with other Honors Scholars, who form a network of involved citizens. The Owens Honors Curriculum offers excellent students the opportunity to build on their strengths. That’s why I delight in being the Honors Director. I get to help students and faculty come together to form a community celebrating their love of learning in a positive environment.

One of the best parts of my job is meeting with students who have ideas and projects they want to pursue through the Honors Program. Past students have immersed themselves in academic and community-wide research and development. Their enthusiasm becomes a source of inspiration and joy.

I welcome any students who have questions to contact our advisors or me via e-mail,, or via telephone, (567) 661-7524. Drop-in visits are always welcome. My office is in FH 1027.


Russell J. Bodi, Ph.D.
Honors Program Director