The Honors Mentors

Genesis Downey

Dr. Genesis Downey

Honors Program Director

Professor of English
School of Liberal Arts

Founders Hall 1038, Toledo-area Campus
(567) 661-7071

Tim Rice

Timothy Rice

Professor of English
School of Liberal Arts

Education Center 121 R, Findlay-area Campus
(567) 429-3019

Both the workload and level of expectation will substantially exceed those of traditional classes. But with those challenges come significant rewards to those who complete the program. First, is the intrinsic satisfaction of fulfilling an arduous task, which relatively few endeavor to undertake. Another reward is the prestige the honors designation bestows upon those who seek admittance to various educational institutions and programs. And, obviously, potential employers will look very favorably upon an Owens Honors graduate. Greetings! We appreciate your interest in the Owens Honors Program. As the Honors website explains, the program provides an educational opportunity, above and beyond the typical curriculum, for talented and motivated students wishing to be challenged in a rigorous academic program

As the Findlay-area Honors Program Mentor, I will help to guide you through this exciting educational opportunity. Please do not hesitate to email me at or call me at (567) 429-3019 if I may be of service.

Anne Bullerjahn

Anne Bullerjahn

Professor of Science
School of Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics

Math/Science Center 163, Toledo-area Campus
(567) 661-7775

I am excited to be an Honors Advisor for the School of STEM. I have mentored several students in Honors Option biology classes. I have never been disappointed in the enthusiasm of the students nor the caliber of their work. These students have done projects such as examining the effect of electrical fields on the growth of bean plants to writing a children’s book to explain food webs. They have investigated algal pollution in Lake Erie, bioprospecting for new cancer therapies, and the causes and treatments of multiple sclerosis. I am looking forward to mentoring more students and helping students navigate the honors program while learning about all sorts of fascinating phenomena.

Sara Burke

Dr. Sara Burke, PT, DPT

Instructor, Physical Therapist Assistant Program
School of Nursing & Health Professions

Health Technologies 323, Toledo-area Campus
(567) 661-7568

Greetings my friend!  As a future healthcare or medical service professional, what sparks your interest in the Honors Program at Owens?  What drives you to be innovative, creative, and collaborate with others?  Being a healthcare clinician and medical service professional is a challenge, a labor, a love, and an honor.  The Honors Program at Owens provides a pathway for you to engage in creative activities and projects within the School of Nursing and Health Professions (SNHP).  You will explore innovative ways to collaborate, communicate, and critically think with your peers and your instructors.  The Honors Program will complement your academic path to help you become a competent healthcare and medical service professional, and, will aide in your competitive career search after graduation.

As your SNHP Honors faculty mentor, it is my pleasure and joy to light your path as you work to achieve your Honors Program accolades.  I welcome visits to my office in Health Technologies 323 or an email at  Cheers!

Janine Rosenthal

Professor of Accounting
School of School of Business, Hospitality Management and Public Safety

Toledo-area Campus
(567) 661-2124