Academic Programs

Are you interested in human society and culture?  If so, studying Humanities might be for you.  Careers in the area of Humanities require a 4-year degree and beyond.  At Owens Community College, a student can complete the first two years of a degree and transfer all credits to any Ohio public institution to finish the last two years using the Transfer 36 (formally the Ohio Transfer Module, OTM) & Transfer Assurance Guide (TAG).

The Department of Humanities also offers three certificates that can be completed on their own or as an add on to other programs.

American Sign Language (ASL) Certificate

Students who study American Sign Language (ASL) will become skilled in ASL across various situations and for various audiences. 

Communication Transfer Pathway

Students who study communication will explore how humans communicate both verbally and non-verbally across various situations and for various audiences.  

History Transfer Pathway

Studying History gives a view into the past that helps us understand the present and how the future might develop. 

Literature Transfer Pathway

Literature helps shape the human experience, as students who study English Literature will experience as they examine, analyze and critique various texts from a variety of time periods and genres written in English from around the world. 

Media Influencer Certificate

Students who study Media Influencing will become skilled in advertising their specific expertise across various platforms.

Philosophy Transfer Pathway

Studying Philosophy can instill expertise in critical analysis, thinking and problem-solving, thus empowering students to communicate ideas clearly, logically and compellingly, within a contextual framework of ethics.

Powerskills Certificate

Students who study Powerskills will become proficient in the necessary “powerskills,” as termed by industry, such as communicating; thinking critically; collaborating; accessing, interpreting, and citing information; making ethical judgments; applying learned skills to real world experiences; and solving problems with people from different backgrounds.