How to Find an Internship Position

  1. The OMIC Office can help facilitate the placement of students in internships related to their major. The existing positions are listed in this website. The positions that are posted in this website are paid internships, unless listed otherwise. Please note: The OMIC Office cannot guarantee an internship for each interested student, but will work to assist you in your efforts. Please check out the positions listed below under Open Internship Positions
  2. Students can find positions on their own and check with the OMIC Program Director if they can get paid through the OMIC grant (certain criteria need to be met)
  3. In addition to the positions listed in this website, students can search for positions using two on-line job boards: College Central Network and Ohio Means Jobs. These websites serve as a meeting place for students and employers. They allow students to post their resumes (tips and samples are included) and look for positions in fields they are interested in.

Open Internship Positions

Students are encouraged to apply for positions at least 3-4 weeks before the semester starts to ensure that they have a position no later than the first week after the semester's start date. Please have a current resume ready to help speed up the process.

Fall 2018 Semester

AVI Foodsystems (available each semester)
Sous Chef/Kitchen help
First Solar
Quality Inspector (NEW!)
Group Benefit Consultants, Inc.
Administrative Assistant (NEW!)
Medline Industries, Inc. (available each semester)
Supply Chain Associate
Accounting Intern (NEW!)
Graphics Technician (NEW!)
Human Resources Intern (NEW!)
Information Technology Intern (NEW!)
Video Recording and Editing Intern (NEW!)
Website Developer Intern (NEW!)

Spring 2019 Semester

AVI Foodsystems (available each semester)
Sous Chef/Kitchen help
First Solar
Quality Inspector
Liberty Tax of Toledo
Tax Preparer (NEW!)
Tax Processor (NEW!)
Northwestern Mutual
Financial Representative
Team Johnson
Sales and Marketing - Limo
Warnock, Tanner, and Associates
Marketing Intern (NEW!)

Other internships not related to the OMIC grant:

Certain positions/companies are not eligible for the OMIC grant funding. However, they provide good work experience for students and help companies meet their needs. We would like to assist students and businesses by posting these positions here.

Positions will be posted when they are available.