Student Eligibility Requirements

School of Business

To be eligible to participate in a Cooperative Work Experience and receive academic credit, students must meet the following eligibility requirements:

Meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • Be enrolled as a degree-seeking student in the School of Business, Information and Public Service.
  • Find a co-op or internship that is related to your major (through own initiative or with assistance from the OMIC program)
  • Maintain a 2.5/4.0 grade point average.
  • Note:
    • Employers may require a higher grade point average.
    • On a case by case basis and only by faculty recommendation the GPA requirement can be lower.
  • Have earned 30 credit hours towards the academic major at the time of application or, if a transfer student, completed one semester at Owens Community College.
  • Enroll in a Cooperative Work Experience course (a 293 extension course)
    • Depending on the student’s major, this course would be listed as:
      • BUS 293 for a major in Business Management Technology, Marketing and Sales Technology, and Accounting Technology.
      • OAD 293 for a major in Administrative Office Coordinator, Office Administration Technology and Medical Office Support.
      • IST 293 for a major in Database Management and Administration, Computer Programming Technology, Information Systems Technology .
      • FNH 293 for a major in Culinary Arts Program and in the Hospitality Management Program.
  • Complete the necessary prerequisite courses (check with your academic OMIC Director or program chair)
    • BUS293 prerequisites for the following majors:
      • Business Management Technology major – BUS 101, BUS 102 and 30 hours of required program courses or the approval of their instructor.
      • Accounting Technology major — BUS 102, ACC101, ACC102, ACC140, IST235 and 30 hours of required program courses or the approval of their instructor.
      • Marketing and Sales Technology major — BUS101, BUS102, MKT101 and 30 hours of required program courses or the approval of their instructor.
    • FNH293A prerequisites – FNH112 and FNH130 and FNH170 and FNH 272
    • FNH293B prerequisites – FNH112 and FNH 130 and FNH 140 and FNH 230
    • IST293 – no prerequisites, permission of Department Chair
    • OAD293 prerequisites -OAD102 and OAD140 and OAD270 and IST235
  • Completed the necessary requirements for program (students in the Department of Business Technologies print check list; students in other departments check with your faculty/program coordinator).
  • Receive approval from faculty coordinator, the academic department chair, or the OMIC Program Director (if paid through the OMIC Grant).
  • Completed the necessary paper work included in the registration packet.

School of Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM):

The following programs have a built in option for Field Experiences. We encourage all students to consider doing a co-op/field experience prior to graduating.

  • Applied Engineering Technology
  • Autobody Refinish Tech Cert
  • Biomedical Electronics
  • Building Maintenance Major
  • CAD Technology
  • CAT Dealer Service Technician
  • Computer Science Major
  • Construction Trades Major
  • Diesel Service Cert
  • Diesel Tech
  • Electrical\Electronics Engineering Tech
  • Engineering Concentration
  • John Deere Tech Major
  • Mechanical Major
  • Tool and Die/Mold Maker Cert
  • Welding Major

For eligibility requirements and academic credit guidelines please contact your advisor and or program chair.