Student Responsibilities

It is the student’s responsibility to understand and abide by all co-op/internship requirements and procedures. If students need clarification they should contact the OMIC Program Director or the Faculty Advisor. The responsibilities of the student include:

Workplace Responsibilities:

You represent Owens Community College and as such you should conduct yourselves ethically and professionally and abide by the Student’s Code of Conduct and the Co-op/Internship Program guidelines. You are being evaluated throughout the internship and the evaluation will be reflected in the final grade of your Co-op/internship Work Experience.

  • Work with your supervisor to formulate a weekly schedule that works with your class schedule.
  • Complete the on-site weekly hour log and have it signed by the immediate supervisor.
  • Complete an evaluation form regarding your experience in the workplace. It will help the program get better.
  • Be good ambassadors for Owens and on behalf of future Owens students.
  • Be open to positive feedback and suggestions for improvement.
  • Be professional in how you resolve issues and conflict.
  • Be a productive and responsible employee.
  • Be compliant with the dressing code, policies, and procedures set by your employer.
  • Be engaged and proactive.

Classroom Responsibilities:

  • Bring the knowledge you have gained in the workplace to the classroom and vice versa – the benefits cut both ways.
  • Complete all co-op/internship work term assignments.
  • Seek to address any issue related to work environment or work assignments by informing the employer and Co-op/Internship coordinator in due course.
  • Notify the Faculty Advisor and the OMIC Program Director (if your internship is paid through the OMIC grant) of any significant changes in your status which may affect your performance as a participant in the internship program.

Make the best of this great opportunity.