Internship and Co-op Programs Business Testimonials

Levis Commons benefited greatly from partnering with Owens on the student co-op/internship program. The student hired on for the program was very professional and well educated on marketing and business practices. His work and positive contributions throughout the semester were recognized by all members of our team and even some of the vendors and organizations that we work with.

Allison M. Schroeder, Assistant General Manager

Hill Partners, Inc/Levis Commons

For some time now First Solar and Owens Community College have had a nice connection. Proximity was the general driving point of this and many of our associates attended classes to further their education and raise their technical skill level. Over the past 2 years that connection has become a relationship thanks to the intern program developed by Owens Community College… READ MORE

Jay A. Lake, Manager, Workforce Development and Community Relations PBG Site

First Solar

As always, Owens did not disappoint (I am also an Owens graduate from a long time ago and had a great experience, so I may be biased)… Being a small business, we may not have considered an intern due to the cost, but the grant helped motivate us to give it a try. Every little bit helps and we are happy for the help the grant has provided.


Chris Grieser, Co-Owner

Pride Gage Associates, LLC

The Fulton County Economic Development Corporation Regional Supply Chain Connection internship with Owens Community College has proven to be a mutually beneficial program. Mr. Sloan, the intern, proved integral in “getting the ball rolling” on this very large and exciting project, which is designed to connect “buyers with suppliers” on a regional level. Additionally, this tool is currently being used as a business directory, which directly connects the public to local businesses.

Toni Schindler, Director for Marketing and Communications

Fulton County Board of Commissioners