Student Testimonials

After this internship, I was more confident than ever that I could make a fulfilling career and keep myself content with this type of work. Had I not done this, I might still have some self-doubt about where I want to go with my life. The value of this confidence in myself goes beyond the value of some experience on a resume. Self-confidence can take you very far and my internship gave me just that.

James Maue

Accounting Major

TAPA (Toledo Alliance for Performing Arts), Spring 2020

Thanks to the internship I know that my degree is the right choice. I will continue to pursue my bachelor’s and feel confident to make a career change to the supply chain when an opening is available.

Janet Eye

Logistics/ Supply Chain Mgmt.

Libbey Glass Spring 2020

The greatest gift that this internship has given me is more confidence in my abilities. Confidence is really valuable in pursuing a career and is very appealing to employers. Confidence in yourself gets you far in life and career, so an internship is one of the most valuable experiences you could have in college. Take advantage of it!

Rebecca Aspacher

Accounting Major

Citizen Tax Services, Spring 2020

I absolutely feel as though this experience will serve me well post-graduation. In fact, it has already helped me in acquiring a job in the field. Every semester a boatload of graduates are seeking employment and participating in an internship might just be the key element that defines a potential employment candidate and sets him or her apart from the crowd.

Tiffany Jones

Accounting Technology

ProMedica Foundation, Fall 2015

Networking! I met so many people and so many of those people told me to keep them in mind when I graduate. This internship has opened a door for me that I did not know I could have.

Mary McClain

Accounting Technologies

ProMedica, Fall 2015

The internship program is a great stepping-stone for students to obtain a new career after graduation. Not only did the internship give me a higher level of preparedness, but it also gave me a higher level of confidence and made me more employable and valuable to the company. I was offered a full-time position at the end my internship.

Angela Younes

Business Management Major

First Solar, Spring 2018

I feel like the internship program really helped me transition from school to the workplace. This internship helped me pad my resume and get more comfortable speaking to and working with people in a professional setting. I was able to learn more about my program of study while gaining real life experience. The Owens staff was very helpful and informative in getting me into an internship I would do well at. I was actually offered a job to stay here, and I took it.

Heather Schings

Logistics/Supply Chain

Circle Logistics, Summer 2018