Supportive Measures

Title IX

Supportive measures are available to the respondent and complainant to ensure equal education access, protect safety, or deter sexual harassment and/or retaliation.  These measures are individualized and are non-disciplinary, non-punitive and will not be unreasonably burdensome to the other party.

The Title IX staff is responsible for coordinating reasonable supportive measures and will assess the necessity and scope of supportive measures throughout the Title IX process.

A formal complaint does not need to be filed for a complainant to receive supportive measures

Supportive measures may include, but are not limited to:

  • Referral to counseling services, medical, and/or other health services
  • Referral to the Employee Assistance Program
  • Referral to community-based service providers
  • Visa and immigration assistance
  • Student financial aid assistance
  • Education to the community or community subgroup(s)
  • Altering work agreements for employees or student-employees
  • Safety planning
  • Providing campus security escorts
  • Implementing contact limitations between parties
  • Academic support, extensions, or other course- or program-related adjustments
  • Timely warnings
  • Class schedule modifications, withdrawals, or leaves of absence
  • Increased security and monitoring of certain areas of campus
  • Any other actions deemed appropriate by the Title IX Coordinator