Any person who believes they have been a victim of sexual misconduct is strongly encouraged to seek relief by reporting the complaint through any of the following options.

To Initiate a College Complaint:

  1. Complete and submit an online Incident Reporting Form (Available 24 hours a day).
  2. Report to a designated Responsible Employee: All Responsible Employees are identified by a round teal Responsible Employee sticker on their office door. Responsible Employees include:
    1. Assistant Dean Student Life and Title IX, Student Life and Title IX (Room 158, College Hall) (567) 661-7970
    2. Officers within the Department of Public Safety (567) 661-7575
    3. Any Vice President, Dean, Chair, Director, Department Head, Academic Advisor, Career and Transfer Advisor, Oserve Advocate, Admissions Staff, Human Resources Staff, Student Organization Advisor, or Athletic Coaches.
TITLE IX Responsible Employee Logo

Responsible Employee Sticker

There are no time limitations in which a complaint can be filed.

Once reported, a Title IX investigation may take place, when appropriate.  A Title IX investigation will be conducted by the Title IX Office and will be independent from any criminal investigation. The Title IX Coordinator is responsible for the prompt and impartial investigation of reports and allegations of sexual misconduct. The Title IX investigation will include a fact-finding process and steps to reasonably end any sexual misconduct, discrimination, or violence.

All Title IX College complaints are handled by the Title IX Office.  A victim may also choose, though not required, to initiate a criminal complaint.

To Initiate a Criminal Complaint:

  1. Call 9-1-1, OR
  2. Report to the College Department of Public Safety

Toledo-area Campus (Alumni Hall) (567) 661-7575
Findlay-area Campus (Public Safety Building) (567) 429-3586

*Note: If the incident did not occur on College-controlled property or at a College-sponsored event, report to local law enforcement. If the incident creates an impact on campus, a College Complaint should be initiated as well.

To Initiate a Confidential Alternative to Criminal or College Complaints:

A confidential report will not result in a report to law enforcement or a College investigation.

  1. Counseling Services – Students can share information confidentially with licensed Owens counselors by calling (567) 661-7168.
  2. Employee Assistance Program (EAP) – For employees, information can be shared through the EAP by calling (800) 854-1446.
  3. YWCA Representative – Information can be shared confidentially. The YWCA representative can be reached by contacting the YWCA HOPE Center 24/7 Hotline at (866) 577-7273 to be connected with a campus advocate.
  4. Anonymous Reporting/Silent Witness Option – Victims or witnesses can report crimes confidentially to the Owens Department of Public Safety using the Silent Witness Form.

Victims or witnesses can report non-criminal complaints (involving a violation of the College Title IX/Sexual Misconduct Procedures and Guidelines) confidentially (by not providing any identifying information) using the Incident Reporting Form.

Such reports can be helpful in initiating remedial measures for the campus community at-large even in the absence of an investigation. Additionally, if enough information is given to determine a crime has occurred, such crime(s) will be reported as an occurrence within the publically-distributed Annual Crime Statistics for the College.