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School of Liberal Arts

The School of Liberal Arts offers a broad range of degrees, concentrations, certificates and courses that will prepare you for either a college degree or the workforce.

We offer degrees that parallel those courses offered at a 4-year institution. These include:

  • General Arts
  • Commercial Arts
  • Music Business
  • Photography
  • Teacher Education
  • Humanities
  • Social and Behavioral Sciences
  • Fine and Performing Arts
  • Human Services

We feature hundreds of courses that complement the College's technical curricula and build on the General Education competencies of communication, problem solving, and accessing and interpreting information, thus preparing you for an ever-changing world. Bolstered by faculty dedicated to your success, we present a wide variety of academic options for your consideration and completion.


Department of Fine and Performing Arts

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Michael A. Sander, Chair
(567) 661-7081


Department of Humanities

Ellen E. Sorg, Chair
(567) 661-2987


Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Jeremy Baker, Co-Chair/Assistant Professor, Economics
(567) 661-7985

L. Scott Deaner, Co-Chair/Assistant Professor, Geography and Sociology
(567) 661-2077

Megan Kerr, Co-Chair/Assistant Professor, Political Science
(567) 661-2188

Kristin Price, Co-Chair/Assistant Professor, Psychology
(567) 661-7542


Department of Teacher Education and Human Services

Deborah S. Ciecka, Chair
(567) 661-7283


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