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Kathleen Attwood
Chair of International Studies and Communications/Humanities
Departmental Telephone: (567) 661-7523
E-mail: kathleen_attwood@owens.edu
Topics: foreign language


Marge Bartelt
Professor of Communications/Humanities(Finlay-area Campus)
Departmental Telephone: (567) 661-7528
E-mail: margaret_bartelt@owens.edu
Topics: developmental education (reading and writing), and English

Dr. Russell Bodi
Associate Professor of English
Departmental Telephone: (567) 661-7524
E-mail: russell_bodi@owens.edu
Topics: American and Midwestern literature, Catholic theology and priests, Elizabethan and Jacobean culture, Shakespeare, and wrestling

Chuck Bohleke
Chair of Business Technologies
Departmental Telephone: (567) 661-7209
E-mail: henry_bohleke@owens.edu
Topics: business management, and international business

Dr. Anne Bullerjahn
Professor of Life/Natural Sciences
Departmental Telephone: (567) 661-7775
E-mail: anne_bullerjahn@owens.edu
Topics: cloning, genetics, and stem cell research

Dr. Bruce Busby
Vice President of Academic Services
Departmental Telephone: (567) 661-7567
E-mail: bruce_busby@owens.edu
Topics: Black Swamp history, Catholic issues, heritage art, religious studies, shrimp boating, and 19th Century British and Biography literature

Carol Buser
Associate Professor of Information Systems
Departmental Telephone: (567) 429-3646
E-mail: carol_buser@owens.edu
Topics: web development design

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Tracy Campbell
Chair of Transportation Technologies
Departmental Telephone: (567) 661-7136
E-mail: tracy_campbell@owens.edu
Topics: automotive technology, and diesel technology

Deb Ciecka
Chair of Teacher Education
Departmental Telephone: (567) 661-7283
E-mail: deborah_ciecka@owens.edu
Topics: choosing quality child care, and early childhood issues

Robert Connour
Associate Professor of Life/Natural Sciences (Findlay-area Campus)
Departmental Telephone: (567) 429-3525
E-mail: robert_connour@owens.edu
Topics: animal ecology, local geology, natural history, and plant biology

Doug Cook
Professor of Math
Departmental Telephone: (567) 661-7790
E-mail: douglas_cook@owens.edu
Topics: child abuse prevention, pre-calculus, and technical mathematics

Julee Cope
Chief of Security
Departmental Telephone: (567) 661-7575
E-mail: julee_cope@owens.edu
Topics: domestic violence, emergency preparedness, general security issues, incident command, personal safety and identity theft, sex offenders, weapons of mass destruction, and workplace violence

Dr. Steve Culbertson
Professor of Communications/Humanities
Departmental Telephone: (567) 661-7535
E-mail: steven_culbertson@owens.edu
Topics: The Guilded Age (1870-1915), and Thomas Edison innovations and technology

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Tom Deckelman
Professor of Business Technologies
Departmental Telephone: (567) 661-7278
E-mail: thomas_deckelman@owens.edu
Topics: market research, market strategy, and service marketing

Carl Dietrich
Associate Professor of Communications/Humanities
Departmental Telephone: (567) 661-7479
E-mail: carl_dietrich@owens.edu
Topics: American history, contemporary politics, multicultural literature, and slavery

Eric Duling
Professor of Design Technologies (Findlay-area Campus)
Departmental Telephone: (567) 429-3512
E-mail: eric_duling@owens.edu
Topics: AutoCAD, CADKEY workshop, computer-aided design, guitars, and 2D and 3D solids and surfaces

Mark Durivage
Dean of the School of Technology
Departmental Telephone: (567) 661-7455
E-mail: mark_durivage@owens.edu
Topics: manufacturing


Dr. Mohammed Elnahal
Associate Professor of English
Departmental Telephone: (567) 661-7078
E-mail: mohammed_elnahal@owens.edu
Topics: Blackberry technology and communication

Laurie Erford
Professor of Nursing
Departmental Telephone: (567) 661-7326
E-mail: laurie_erford@owens.edu
Topics: pediatrics

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Chris Foley
Associate Professor of Life/Natural Sciences
Departmental Telephone: (567) 661-7623
E-mail: christopher_foley@owens.edu
Topics: horticulture, landscape construction (patios and retaining walls) principles, landscape design principles, plant diseases and insects, and plant health and care

Catherine Ford
Chair of Medical Imaging Technologies
Departmental Telephone: (567) 661-7261
E-mail: catherine_ford@owens.edu
Topics: computed tomography, health disparity issues, magnetic resonance imaging, mammography, nuclear medicine, and radiography

Michael Francis
Professor of Transportation Technologies
Departmental Telephone: (567) 661-7397
E-mail: michael_francis@owens.edu
Topics: electrical and drivability in automobiles


Jim Gilmore
Chair of Manufacturing and Industrial Operations Technology
Departmental Telephone: (567) 661-7729
E-mail: james_gilmore@owens.edu
Topics: industrial automation, industrial maintenance, machining, manufacturing, quality assurance, and welding

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Jeff Hardesty
Professor of Business Technologies
Departmental Telephone: (567) 661-7249
E-mail: jeffrey_hardesty@owens.edu
Topics: business professionalism, and sales

Dr. David Hawes
Associate Professor of English
Departmental Telephone: (567) 661-7697
E-mail: david_hawes@owens.edu
Topics: ecology, multicultural literature, Native American culture and history, and 20th Century literature

Anne Helm
Professor of Nursing
Departmental Telephone: (567) 661-7332
E-mail: anne_helm@owens.edu
Topics: community health, and medical surgical nursing

Bonnie Hemp
Chair of Health Information Technology
Departmental Telephone: (567) 661-7286
E-mail: bonnie_hemp@owens.edu
Topics: electronic medical records, health information management, HIPAA privacy regulations, and maintaining personal health records

James Hodak
Associate Professor of Communications/Humanities
Departmental Telephone: (567) 661-7525
E-mail: james_hodak@owens.edu
Topics: argumentation, communication ethics, Croatian culture, political communication, and public speaking

Cynthia Hotaling
Assistant Professor of Nursing (Findlay-area Campus)
Departmental Telephone: (567) 429-3519
E-mail: cynthia_hotaling@owens.edu
Topics: healthcare issues, nursing, and quilting

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Dr. Bill Ivoska
Vice President of Student Services
Departmental Telephone: (567) 661-7255
E-mail: william_ivoska@owens.edu
Topics: adolescent alcohol and other drug use, and endurance athletics (marathon running and cycling)


AnnMarie Jablonowski
Associate Professor of Communications/Humanities
Departmental Telephone: (567) 661-7079
E-mail: annmarie_jablonowski@owens.edu
Topics: engaged couple communication, family communication, interpersonal communication, public speaking, small group communication, and speech communication

Darla Johannsen
Professor of Office Administration(Findlay-area Campus)
Departmental Telephone: (567) 429-3531
E-mail: darla_johannsen@owens.edu
Topics: comparing and purchasing office equipment, information technology (office support careers), meeting rules and procedures, Microsoft products, office equipment supplies, and software terminology

Betsy Johnson
Director of Financial Aid
Departmental Telephone: (567) 661-7883
E-mail: betsy_johnson@owens.edu
Topics: financial aid, grants, loans, and scholarships

Terry Johnson
Professor of Criminal Justice/Fire and Emergency
Departmental Telephone: (567) 661-7635
E-mail: terry_johnson@owens.edu
Topics: aviation, civic volunteering with police departments, community policing, competitive running, competitive racquetball, criminal investigations, criminal law, patrol operations, and report writing for criminal justice

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Mark Karamol
Division Director of E-Learning
Departmental Telephone: (567) 661-7988
E-mail: mark_karamol@owens.edu
Topics: educational technology, and e-learning

Cy Keiffer
Associate Professor of Information Systems
Departmental Telephone: (567) 661-7505
E-mail: cyril_keiffer@owens.edu
Topics: computer technology, environmental science, geography, historic preservation, project management, software trends, and urban planning

Scott Killy
Coordinator of Skilled Trades and Apprenticeship Training
Departmental Telephone: (567) 661-7169
E-mail: scott_killy@owens.edu
Topics: apprenticeship training, building maintenance and repair, machine repair, and machining

Bob Klein
Coordinator of Science Labs
Departmental Telephone: (567) 661-7756
E-mail: robert_klein@owens.edu
Topics: anatomy, laboratory science, microbiology, physiology, and science curricula online

Leonard Kress
Associate Professor of Communications/Humanities
Departmental Telephone: (567) 661-7678
E-mail: leonard_kress@owens.edu
Topics: creative writing, Eastern European culture, literature, poetry, and Polish culture

Pamela Krompak
Professor of Math
Departmental Telephone: (567) 661-7789
E-mail: pamela_krompak@owens.edu
Topics: disabilities, and mathematics

Dr. Rose Marie Kuceyeski
Professor of Office Administration
Departmental Telephone: (567) 661-7224
E-mail: rose_kuceyeski@owens.edu
Topics: e-portfolio, online learning, outcome assessment of student learning, and service learning

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Julie Lohse
Assistant Professor of Nursing
Departmental Telephone: (567) 661-7353
E-mail: julie_lohse@owens.edu
Topics: bicycle helmet safety, cultural diversity in nursing, pediatrics, and nursing


Tekla Madaras
Chair of Food, Nutrition and Hospitality
Departmental Telephone: (567) 661-7214
E-mail: tekla_madaras@owens.edu
Topics: dietetics, and food nutrition


Dr. Joy Parker
Instructor of English
Departmental Telephone: (567) 661-7680
E-mail: joy_parker@owens.edu
Topics: composition, disabilities, English literature, popular culture, science fiction, and Shakespearean literature

Dr. Ann-Marie Paulin
Professor of English
Departmental Telephone: (567) 661-7448
E-mail: annmarie_paulin@owens.edu
Topics: American literature, and composition

Dr. James Perry
Assistant Professor of Math
Departmental Telephone: (567) 661-2071
E-mail: james_perry@owens.edu
Topics: accounting, agriculture, building utilization (K-12 education and higher education), corporate finance, federal taxation, research methodology, school finance (K-12 education and higher education), state proficiency testing (K-12 education), statistics, and teacher certification (K-12 education and higher education)

Joe Peschel
Part-Time Coordinator of Non-Credit Customized Training
Departmental Telephone: (567) 661-7163
E-mail: joseph_peschel@owens.edu
Topics: conservation (electric, gas and water), electrical, energy and alternative fuel vehicles (compressed natural gas, electric hybrids and propane), energy efficiency (construction and material selection), HVAC, plumbing, residential and light commercial construction, and solar energy applications

Janet Pinkelman
Associate Professor of Nursing
Departmental Telephone: (567) 661-7441
E-mail: janet_pinkelman@owens.edu
Topics: maternal infant nursing, newborn care, pediatrics, and pregnancy issues

Julia Popp
Professor of Nursing
Departmental Telephone: (567) 661-7325
E-mail: julia_popp@owens.edu
Topics: critical care, heart disease, stress management, trauma care, and women's health issues

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Ziar Rahman
Database Administrator
Departmental Telephone: (567) 661-7070
E-mail: smziaur_rahman@owens.edu
Topics: database technology, information technology, immigration issues, and international affairs

Renton Rathbun
Assistant Professor of Communications/Humanities
Departmental Telephone: (567) 661-2659
E-mail: renton_rathbun@owens.edu
Topics: ethics, Protestant issues, religious studies, and the Army

Eric Reed
Associate Professor of Communications/Humanities
Departmental Telephone: (567) 661-7073
E-mail: eric_reed@owens.edu
Topics: gardening, interpersonal communication, linguistics, media history, and small group communication

Tom Reed
Budget and Systems Financial Analyst
Departmental Telephone: (567) 661-7232
E-mail: thomas_reed@owens.edu
Topics: finance, higher education accounting, and management accounting

Glenn Rettig
Associate Dean/Chair of the School of Technology (Findlay-area Campus)
Departmental Telephone: (567) 429-3563
E-mail: glenn_rettig@owens.edu
Topics: basic programming, c-programming, computer components, computer programming, electrical, and electronics

Joanne Roehrs
Associate Professor of Life/Natural Sciences
Departmental Telephone: (567) 661-7791
E-mail: joanne_roehrs@owens.edu
Topics: animal care, biology, dog breeding, ecology, and trail riding

Dan Routzon
Instructor of Criminal Justice/Fire and Emergency (Findlay-area Campus)
Departmental Telephone: (567) 429-3627
E-mail: daniel_routzon@owens.edu
Topics: criminal justice, internal investigations, and police department supervision and management

John Routzon
Sergeant (Findlay-area Campus)
Departmental Telephone: (567) 429-3586
E-mail: john_routzon2@owens.edu
Topics: criminal investigations, criminal justice policies and procedures, criminal law, federal agency assistance coordination, internal investigations, personnel discipline and training, and traffic accident reconstruction

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Jamal Salahat
Professor of Math
Departmental Telephone: (567) 661-7781
E-mail: jamal_salahat@owens.edu
Topics: karate, mathematics, Middle Eastern politics, and Palestinian-Israeli conflict

Nerur Satish
Chair of Electrical/Electronics Engineering Technologies
Departmental Telephone: (567) 661-7456
E-mail: nerur_satish@owens.edu
Topics: biomedical electronics, CISCO networking, computer electronics, electrical, electronics, and industrial electronics

Beth Scheffert
Success Advisor
Departmental Telephone: (567) 661-2598
E-mail: elisabeth_scheffert@owens.edu
Topics: college students and disability, community resources for people with disabilities, and general disability issues

Kathleen Schramko
Assistant Professor of Nursing
Departmental Telephone: (567) 661-7327
E-mail: kathleen_schramko@owens.edu
Topics: mental health

Terry Sherman
Coordinator of Skilled Trades Training (Findlay-area Campus)
Departmental Telephone: (567) 429-3603
E-mail: terry_sherman@owens.edu
Topics: building maintenance, electrical, and mechanical

Tom Sink
Dean of the Library
Departmental Telephone: (567) 661-7022
E-mail: thomas_sink@owens.edu
Topics: copyright laws, drum and bugle core, information literacy, library information management, and library science

Dave Siravo
Director of Skilled Trades and Apprenticeship Training
Departmental Telephone: (567) 661-7449
E-mail: david_siravo@owens.edu
Topics: blueprint reading, building maintenance, commercial electricity, computer aided machining, computer numerical control machining, conveyor systems, hydraulics, machining/tool and die, mechanical power transmission, motor controls, national electric code, plumbing, and pneumatics

Luann Snyder
Assistant Professor of Nursing
Departmental Telephone: (567) 661-7437
E-mail: luann_snyder@owens.edu
Topics: licensed practical nursing, and medical surgical nursing

Wayne Strayer
Grounds Foreman
Departmental Telephone: (567) 661-7134
E-mail: wayne_strayer@owens.edu
Topics: annual flowers, ornamental grasses, perennial flowers, shrubs, trees, and turfgrass

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Jay Taylor
Instructor of Electrical/Electronics
Departmental Telephone: (567) 661-7461
E-mail: jay_taylor@owens.edu
Topics: CISCO networking, and electronics

Cecilia Tolson
Assistant Professor of Nursing
Departmental Telephone: (567) 661-7604
E-mail: cecilia_tolson@owens.edu
Topics: perioperative nursing


Betty Valentine
Director of Employee Relations and Diversity
Departmental Telephone: (567) 661-7454
E-mail: betty_valentine@owens.edu
Topics: diversity issues, and sexual harassment

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Eric Wallack
Assistant Professor of Fine and Performing Arts
Departmental Telephone: (567) 661-7916
E-mail: eric_wallack@owens.edu
Topics: art history, guitar construction, jazz performance and studies, music theory, and playing guitar and string bass

Verne Walker
Assistant Dean of Students (Findlay-area Campus)
Departmental Telephone: (567) 429-3517
E-mail: verne_walker@owens.edu
Topics: academic planning, career development, student development, study skills, and time management

Dr. Dan Wedding
Associate Professor of Electrical/Electronics
Departmental Telephone: (567) 661-7552
E-mail: daniel_wedding@owens.edu
Topics: plasma display screens, programming, and touch entry systems

Randy Wharton
Chair of Design Technologies
Departmental Telephone: (567) 661-7457
E-mail: william_wharton@owens.edu
Topics: aviation, experimental aircraft, nuclear power, remote control aircraft, and space nuclear power

Dr. Ruby White
Assistant Professor of Life/Natural Sciences
Departmental Telephone: (567) 661-7792
E-mail: ruby_white@owens.edu
Topics: anatomy, biology, horse training, lab safety, and physiology

Brent Wickham
Chair of the School of Business (Findlay-area Campus)
Departmental Telephone: (567) 429-3565
E-mail: brent_wickham@owens.edu
Topics: accounting, and tax auditing

Willard Wolford
Manager of Truck Driving Program
Departmental Telephone: (567) 661-7653
E-mail: willard_wolford@owens.edu
Topics: commercial transportation

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Jennifer York
Manager Academic and Student Support Services
Departmental Telephone: (567) 661-7709
E-mail: jennifer_york@owens.edu
Topics: Academic Scheduling and Online Catalog

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