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Office of Student Accounts

Tuition & Fees

    $136.36 per credit hour (1-14 credit hours)
    • Instructional Fee = $116.25 per credit hour
    • General Fee = $15.50 per credit hour
    14 - 18 credit hours billed at the 14 credit hour rate
    • Lab Fees
    • Drop Classes (Dates and Percentages)
    • Non-refundable Fees (Registration, Parking)

Make Payments

    Pay Online by:
    • Check
    • Cash
    • Money Order
    • Credit Card (Mastercard, Visa, Discover or American Express)
      • Pay in the Office of the Office of Student Accounts

-- Instructional fees are fees that are directly related to the cost of a course.
-- General fees are fees that help cover student government costs, student newspaper, computer equipment, wireless access, audio-visual equipment, and the SHAC.

What is FERPA?

  • The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) of 1974, also known as the Buckley Amendment, protects the privacy rights of student records.
  • FERPA is enforced by the Family Policy Compliance Office of the U.S. Department of Education.

Students' Rights under FERPA:

  • To inspect and review their education records.
  • To be informed about what the College has designated as directory information.
  • To request that the institution not disclose directory information items about them.
  • To have some control over the disclosure of information in their education records.
  • To seek to amend their education records.
  • To a hearing if the request for an amendment is unsatisfactory.
  • To file a complaint with the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act Office, Department of Education, if Owens Community College violates the FERPA.

Whose records are protected?

  • Current students
  • Former students

Higher One Card

Higher One Refund Card imageOwens Community College has partnered with Higher One, a financial services company, to bring you a new method of refund disbursement. Financial aid and tuition refunds will be disbursed to you in the manner you choose:

  1. Easy Refund to the OneCard debit card = Fastest way to get your money!
  2. Electronic Funds Transfer to the student's bank account = Faster way to get your money.
  3. Paper check = Fast way to get your money.

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