Frequently Asked Questions

Occupational Therapy Assistant

What are the Occupational Therapy Assistant program costs?

Is the Occupational Therapy Assistant program offered as part-time, online, or in the evenings?

Is it possible to attain OTA state licensure if one has a past felony conviction?

Which qualities or personal traits are useful in practicing occupational therapy?

Regarding the OTA certification exam and state licensing, what are the associated costs and can the exam be repeated?

Does occupational therapy offer opportunities for individuals of culturally diverse backgrounds?

Will classes taken at another college transfer in for the OTA program?

Can an Occupational Therapy Assistant program graduate work as an OTA without a license?

What is the salary for occupational therapy assistants?

What is occupational therapy?

Are there age requirements to enter the Occupational Therapy Assistant program?

What does an occupational therapist do?