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Owens Community College Environmental Program Receives Sun Oil Donation

    Environmental Management students at Owens Community College will benefit from a donation of more than $3,000 in supplies from the Sun Oil Co. of Toledo.

    David Gardner, chairman of the Environmental Management program, said Sun Oil provided the program with 107 boxes of expired Dragger tubes, which are small glass tubes used in monitoring air samples for a variety of substances.

    "These tubes are expired and can't be used for any regulatory purposes in industry. However, they are a great resource for training and our students should find them very helpful in learning about air monitoring procedures," Gardner explained.

    Students in the Environmental Management program at Owens Community College earn an Associate's Degree of Applied Science and are trained for positions as technicians to collect samples and generate data from soil, air and water. This information is then used to by companies and government agencies to determine compliance in areas such as air pollution, water pollution, occupational health and safety, and the clean-up of contaminated sites. Students learn how to maintain environmental compliance, and how to assist their employers in minimizing pollution.

    Gardner said the donated supplies will complement the program's high-tech monitoring equipment at the state-of-the-art environmental laboratories on both the Toledo-area and Findlay campuses.

    Not only is the donation by Sun Oil useful for the Environmental Management program, it also allowed the tubes to be recycled - instead of simply being discarded.

    "This represents an excellent cooperative arrangement to make use of excess products," Gardner said. "We truly appreciate Sun Oil's support of our program."

Last modified on: Wednesday, February 26, 1997
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