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Rossford Fire Department Gives Owens a
"Breath of Fresh Air"

   The Rossford Fire Department has donated a Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) air filling station to the Owens Community College Environmental Management program.

   This older station was taken out of service when the Rossford Fire Department purchased a new high pressure bottle filling station.

   David Gardner, chairman of the Environmental Management program, said the equipment will be put to good use for Owens students in Environmental Management courses.

   "We will use this station to teach students who may work at hazardous waste remediation sites to fill breathing air bottles and to work in SCBAs," Gardner explained. "We also intend to use this system to teach students how to work on 'line air' systems where they have to be cognizant of their air supply line. Line air is used when work will take a very long time, such as working in contaminated areas at nuclear power stations."

   "We are extremely grateful to the City of Rossford and the fire department for their continued support of our programs," Gardner said.

Last modified on: Tuesday, June 24, 1997
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