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Owens Graduates Give High Marks to College Services and Education

   Ninety-seven percent of recent Owens Community College graduates are employed - and they're attributing that to the high-quality education they received at the College, according to a recent alumni survey.

   "Graduates of the class of 1995-1996 have expressed great satisfaction with the College," said Dr. Michael Roetter, Director of Institutional Research, who conducted the graduate survey. "Overall satisfaction with the College is quite high."

   Ninety-five percent of the 667 respondents reported being satisfied or very satisfied with the following assets of the College: quality of instruction, availability of courses, faculty and staff attitudes, physical facilities and registration procedures.

   "Owens Community College continues to strive for excellence," President Daniel H. Brown said. "We are highly committed to providing our students with the educational services and facilities they should have - and we're glad to see this survey reflects our success in doing so."

   The Spring 1996 class is employed at a 97 percent rate, which is 2 percent higher than the Toledo Metropolitan Area employment rate.

   "This outstanding job placement rate indicates that Owens graduates are well-prepared for careers vital to the workforce and they're being welcomed by business and industry in our community," Brown said.

   More than half of the programs in the survey reported a 100 percent job placement rate, including computer electronics, law enforcement, dental hygiene, computer-aided machining, and all of the automotive and diesel technologies.

   "The large majority of graduates found employment in their technical fields - 87 percent," said Dr. Paul V. Unger, Vice President of Academic Affairs. "We believe this indicates our graduates are well-trained for high-tech careers, which has always been a mission of the College."

   Geographically, 58 percent of the graduates are employed in Lucas County, 9 percent in Hancock County, 5 percent in Wood County and 5 percent in Southeastern Michigan, according to the survey.

   The survey also reported that nearly half of the graduates are earning more than $21,000 per year. More than one in seven annually are earning at least $33,000.

   Roetter said many of the Owens graduates also showed an interest in further education. More than one-fourth (29 percent) are continuing their education.

   Of the graduates in the College's transfer majors, 79 percent are enrolled at another college or university and 71 percent are attending full-time, according to the survey.

   Since 1994, when the College became a comprehensive community college, Owens students have had the opportunity to earn the first two years of a bachelor's degree and transfer smoothly as a junior to many area colleges and universities. Through the Arts and Sciences division, Owens students may choose majors such as Psychology, History, Business Administration, Women's Studies, Elementary and Secondary Education.

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