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Owens Students Inducted into Phi Theta Kappa Honorary Society

   Fifty-four Owens Community College students recently were recognized for their superior academic achievements and inducted into the prestigious two-year college honorary society, Phi Theta Kappa.

   Phi Theta Kappa was established in 1918 by the presidents of eight Missouri junior colleges for women. For the first six years, Phi Theta Kappa confined its activity to women's junior colleges, but in 1924 through constitutional amendment, it was enlarged to cover all junior colleges. In 1993, the society inducted its millionth member.

   Modeled after Phi Beta Kappa, the society recognizes academic excellence among two-year college students, provides opportunities for leadership training, provides an intellectual climate for the interchange of ideas, and imbues scholars with the desire for continued education. Over the years, Phi Theta Kappa has continued to promote among its membership the four hallmarks of membership: scholarship, leadership, service and fellowship.

   The Phi Theta Kappa inductees were:

    Ryan Robinson, Accounting Technology, Adrian, Michigan
    Wendy Dicken, Early Childhood Education, Bowling Green
    Pamela Klingshirn, Financial Managment Technology, Bowling Green
    Hui Zhuang, Computer Programing Technology, Bowling Green
    David Karl, Mechanical Design/Drafting, Curtice
    Kelly Buerger, Accounting Technology, Forest
    Dawn Goedde, Optometric/Ophthalmic Technology, Fort Jennings
    Heidi Inbody, Office Administration, Jenera
    Rozlyn Koenigseker, Agribusiness Managment Technology, Lambertville, Michigan
    Diane Uscilowski, Diagnostic Medical Sonography, Major Maumee
    Beverly Kin, Occupational Therapy Assistant, Metamora
    Georgia McGeorge, Associate of Arts, Elementary Education concentration, Millbury
    Jane McKee, Registered Nursing, Mount Blanchard
    Leslie Stone, Accounting Technology, Mount Blanchard
    Craig Theis, Applied Industrial Technology - Electrical, New Riegel
    Jaymi Smith, Accounting Technology, North Baltimore
    Karen Lusiak, Early Childhood Education, Northwood
    Eric Rice, Computer Electronics Major, Northwood
    Charlene Margetiak, Landscape & Turfgrass Managment, Norwalk
    Daniel Auxter, Mechanical Design/Drafting, Oregon
    Chad Bahnsen, Associate of Science, Pre-Business Administration, Oregon

    Michelle Sandwisch, Environmental Management Technology, Perrysburg
    Abhishek Sindhwani, Associate of Science, Pre-Professional Engineering concentration, Perrysburg
    Rebecca DeLine, Associate of Arts, Rossford
    Carrie Manley, Dental Hygiene, Rossford
    Samar Mousa, Associate of Science, Biology concentration, Rossford
    Rhonda Robarge, Accounting Technology, Swanton
    Darlene Bradberry, Registered Nursing, Sylvania
    Jacqueline Sevier, Diagnostic Medical Sonography Major, Toledo
    Betty Collins, Corrections, Toledo
    Ollie Collins, Law Enforcement, Toledo
    Patricia Hoffman, Law Enforcement, Toledo
    Donna Scott, Occupational Therapy Assistant, Toledo
    Sara Wilgus, Office Administration, Toledo
    Karen Schumaker, Occupational Therapy Assistant Toledo
    Mary Alderman, Business Managment Technology, Toledo
    Meggan Schneider, Associate of Arts, Elementary Education concentration, Toledo
    Diane Stahl, Accounting Technology, Toledo
    Tamara Murphy, Associate of Science, Psychology concentration, Toledo
    Shelli Starkey, Law Enforcement, Toledo
    Amy Thomas, Office Administration, Toledo
    Candy Carr, Supervision, Toledo
    Renee Domanski, Occupational Therapy Assistant, Toledo
    Danielle Kasprzak, Law Enforcement, Toledo
    Rosanne Piersol, Registered Nursing, Toledo
    Sherri Kotnik, Registered Nursing, Toledo
    Charles Boos, Architectural Construction, Toledo
    Tori Snyder, Accounting Technology, Toledo
    Leslie Stiles, Pre-Radiography Major, Toledo
    Carol Toney, Early Childhood Education, Toledo
    Sun Amacker, Pre-Business Administration, Toledo
    Emmanuel Verikakis, Architectural Construction, Toledo
    Cynthia Rossi, Registered Nursing, Van Buren
    Jennifer Wilhelm, Hospitality Managment Technology, Wauseon
    Darren Thompson, Caterpillar Construction Equipment Technician, Zanesville

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