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Owens Executive Director of CDT to Contribute to National Project

   Bill Deffenbaugh, Executive Director of Economic and Workforce Development at Owens Community College's Center for Development and Training (CDT), has been invited to be part of a national effort to establish National Skill Standards for the Construction Trades.

   U.S. Secretary of Labor Alexis Herman has called for the creation of the National Skills Standards for the Construction Trades to define the various jobs, define what workers must be able to do and explain the different performance levels.

   "National standards will permit workers, unions, employers, educators and the community to communicate more precisely about workforce development and training issues," Deffenbaugh explained. "They also will help define training and education needs, assist in hiring practices, job placement and promotions."

   Deffenbaugh's work begins this month with a preliminary meeting at the George Meany Center for Labor Studies in Washington D.C., where Herman will give the keynote address to the group.

   Based on his experience with apprenticeship program for more than 21 years, Deffenbaugh will present educational views on the topics discussed in these meetings. Owens Community College has more than 3,200 apprentices enrolled through the Center for Development and Training and 2,300 of those apprentices come from 14 different building and construction trades occupations.

   "I am very proud to bring the expertise of Owens Community College and the Center for Development and Training to this national forum to contribute to such an important project for the betterment of the construction trades, as well as the education and training of construction trades workers," Deffenbaugh said.

   This nine-month project is being conducted through the Construction Industry Partnership, a national joint labor-management committee.

Last modified on: Wednesday, August 19, 1998
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