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Unusual Steel Teaching Sculpture Benefits Owens Engineering Technology Students

   A 31/2 ton abstract steel teaching sculpture - that is useful as well as artful - now stands on the Toledo-area Campus of Owens Community College in front of the Engineering Technologies Building.

   Owens engineering technology students will use the sculpture to learn about different types of steel connections and various steel sections.

   The sculpture was fabricated by Art Iron Inc. of Toledo and the foundation by A.A. Boos Inc., a Toledo construction firm. Apprentices from Ironworkers Local 55 of Toledo assembled the sculpture.

   Bill Mason, Assistant Professor of Engineering Technologies at Owens, said the sculpture will provide a valuable, hands-on application for architectural engineering technology students.

   "This gives them the opportunity to see something they usually only see in books," Mason explained. "Connections are the glue that hold a structure together and although many of them are routine or standardized, it's very important for a structural engineer to understand how they work."

   "Students who never have been around construction sites to see steel being erected have a difficult time visualizing the three-dimensional character," he said.

   The sculpture will be incorporated into classes such as Construction Materials I, Construction Drafting, Structural Design, and Civil Statics and Strength.

   According to the American Institute of Steel Construction, Owens Community College is one of only two community/junior colleges in the United States with such a steel teaching sculpture. About 40 four-year colleges have a similar sculpture.

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