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Tuition Costs Addressed By Trustees

  For the third consecutive year, tuition at Owens Community College will not increase! The Owens Board of Trustees voted unanimously today to hold the line on tuition costs, once again bucking the recent trend of rising tuition costs at colleges and universities across the state.

  "The bottom line of our mission is access," Daniel H. Brown, President, told Trustees in making the recommendation. "Colleges and universities must be accountable for providing access to a high quality college education at an affordable cost. If tuition costs aren't kept in line, the ability of Northwest Ohio residents to access that college education becomes limited. We must continue to find ways to increase access and not raising tuition is one of the most significant ways we can achieve this."

  Annual full-time tuition at Owens is $1,896. Part-time students pay just $79 per credit hour.

  President Brown presented the College's Board of Trustees with the Spring 1999 graduating class. Trustees approved the 534 potential graduates with 74 of those from the Findlay Campus. Commencement will be tonight, Tuesday, May 18, 7 p.m., in Alumni Hall on the Toledo-area Campus.

  At the meeting, Trustees approved rank changes for 18 faculty members which include 10 faculty to assistant professors, six to associate professors and two to professor.

  Approved for professor were: Steven Culbertson and Sarah Rodgers, Arts and Sciences.

  Approved for associate professor were: Guenter Brunner, William Mason and Robert Williams, Industrial and Engineering Technologies; Charles Nicewonder and Carol O'Shea, Arts and Sciences; and Julia Popp, Health Technologies.

  Approved for assistant professor were: Mary Beck, Dolores Dobelbower and Julie Toney, Health Technologies; Cynthia Bosley, Susan Burris and Elizabeth Condon, Arts and Sciences; Pam Chibucos, Siva Sakthivel and Carolyn Snyder, Business and Public Service Technologies; and Charles Stewart, Industrial and Engineering Technologies.

  Contracts for 127 of the College's administrative and professional staff also were approved by Trustees.

  The next meeting of the Owens Community College Board of Trustees will be held on June 15, 12:45 p.m., at the College's Findlay Campus.

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