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Food Service Certificate Now Offered at Owens Findlay Campus

  FINDLAY -_With a growing number of new restaurants in the area, the Owens Community College Findlay Campus now is offering a Food Service Certificate program.

  "There are tremendous job opportunities open in the food service field - and many employers looking for well-trained, knowledgeable employees," said Dolores Dobelbower, Owens assistant professor of hospitality management technology.

  Area restaurant owners and managers are giving the new program strong encouragement, Dobelbower said, after a recent meeting with representatives from Janet's Fine Foods and Spirits, the Findlay Country Club, Green Tree Restaurant, Red Lobster, Urbanski Catering and Daily Ground Restaurant.

  Students will learn through lecture and lab classes about quantity food production and advanced cooking techniques for the creation of American and international cuisine.

  Baking experiences will begin with simple bread recipes, progressing through the baking course to the complex preparation of European cakes and pastries.

  Safety and sanitation laws and techniques also are given a high priority. National and state food service certification testing will be available to Owens students who complete this program.

  On-the-job training will take place at a number of restaurants in the Hancock County area, Dobelbower said.

  One of the classes offered Fall Semester is "HRI 101: Hospitality Markets", which provides an overview of careers in the hospitality management industry, including opportunities in hotels, restaurants, clubs, public institutions, cruise ships and resorts. This class will be Mondays from 1-2 p.m.

  Also this fall, "HRI 135: Sanitation and Safety" will be offered. Mondays from 10 a.m. to 12:40 p.m. This class will teaches about prevention of food spoilage and contamination, plus good practices in housekeeping and sanitary food handling.

  Students also can apply the college credits earned in this certificate program toward an Associate Degree in Food Service Management.

  The program requires a total of 33 credit hours with classes such as dining room management and mixology, foods and nutrition, as well as contemporary business, business math, computer basics, and a co-op experience. The cost is only $79 per credit hour.

  To register for the Food Service Certificate program, or for more information, call 429-3555.

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