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Search Committee Appointed for Owens Presidential Search

Sixteen members of a presidential search committee were appointed Tuesday by the Owens Community College Board of Trustees.

The Board of Trustees is undertaking a national search for a president. Daniel H. Brown, who has served Owens for 34 years including 17 years as President, is retiring in May 2001.

The presidential search process is being led by Trustee John C. Moore, chair of the search committee.

Moore said the search committee represents a cross section of the College. "We believe this is an excellent search committee. I'm very excited about working with the committee as the College moves forward."

The search committee members are:

Community representatives: Beth Heck, owner of Kennedy Printing in Findlay; Mike Maggiano, vice president of Medical Mutual of Ohio-Toledo.

Student: Jennifer Rodriguez of Rossford.

Faculty members: Michael Bento, instructor of marketing/management; Bobbie Burks, associate professor of radiology; Dr. Rose Kuceyeski, professor of office administration/computer information systems; Dr. Carol O'Shea, associate professor of developmental education; Siva Sakthivel, assistant professor of marketing/management.

Administrators: Gerry Bazer, Dean of Arts & Sciences; Dr. Paul Brown, Dean of the Findlay Campus; Janell Lang, Dean of Health Technologies; Bill Schmoekel, Director of Computer Services.

Staff: Robin Brown, Staff Accountant; Linda Nelson, Secretary for Arts & Sciences.

Board representatives: Trustee John C. Moore and Trustee Patricia A. Wise.

"We had many volunteers who expressed very positive feelings about the College and a sincere desire to help with this process," Trustee Patricia A. Wise said. "We very much appreciate that."

The Board has contracted with the Association of Community College Trustees (ACCT) to assist in conducting the presidential search.

On Monday, December 4 the ACCT consultant, Narcisa Polonio, will visit the Owens Toledo-area and Findlay campuses to conduct open forum and focus group meetings.

The open forum on the Findlay Campus will be at 8:30 a.m. and the open forum on the Toledo-area Campus will be at 10:30 a.m. These meetings are open to the public.

Moore explained that the open forums are an opportunity for the public to voice their comments on:

  • the challenges and opportunities Owens must address in the next 5-10 years;
  • the background and experience, education qualifications, and professional and personal characteristics the search committee should seek in the next president;
  • the names of individuals who should be encouraged to become candidates for the position of president.

Advertising for the president's position will begin in January 2001.

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