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Owens Community College is Rare in Holding the Line Against Tuition Increases this Fall

Your Success Starts Here Owens Community College is one of only three colleges in the state of Ohio that did not raise its tuition this fall, according to a study by the Ohio Board of Regents.

All 13 four-year state universities and 21 community colleges in Ohio raised their tuition for this Fall Semester after tuition caps were eliminated by the state legislature. For instance, Ohio State University increased tuition by 9.3 percent, the University of Toledo by 9 percent and Bowling Green State University by 8.1 percent.

"Owens Community College is committed to providing an affordable, high quality college education to all residents of our community," said Dr. Christa Adams, President of Owens Community College. "We understand how important it is for everyone to have access to higher education and we believe holding the line on tuition provides that opportunity for students."

The only other two or four-year colleges in Ohio to join Owens in not raising tuition this fall are Sinclair and Lakeland Community Colleges.

Owens tuition of $75 per credit hour, or $900 per semester, is the lowest of any college or university in Northwest Ohio and the third lowest in the state. The only other colleges with lower tuition Cuyahoga and Sinclair Community Colleges both receive substantial funding through a local tax levy.

Owens has not raised tuition since 1996 and in fact, the college's Board of Trustees approved a tuition reduction last summer taking the tuition from $79 to $75 per credit hour.

"As the new president of Owens Community College, I am very excited to see the many ways we are offering people in our community training and education for a high-tech career, a better job or a new direction in their lives," President Adams explained. "Low tuition rates make this a possibility for more and more Ohioans."

Students may still register for classes at Owens Community College this fall. For more information, call (567) 661-7777 or 1-800-GO-OWENS, Ext. 7777.

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