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Earn College Credit from Home with Telecourses and Web-based Courses at Owens Findlay Campus

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FINDLAY - Higher education and cyberspace are coming together this spring at the Owens Community College Findlay Campus with Telecourses and Web-based Courses that let students take classes via the Internet or watch classes on videotape.

"These high-tech ways of learning allow people the opportunity to benefit from a college education even if they have a busy schedule and aren't sure how often they can come to campus," said Dr. Paul Brown, Dean of the Findlay Campus.

Web-based courses are available to anyone with a computer and an Internet connection. Students in these classes communicate with teachers and other students through e-mail. Instructors also are available to answer questions by telephone or to meet with students if requested.

During the Spring Semester, 28 Web-based classes are available through the Owens Findlay Campus, including courses in Accounting, Business, Computer Information Systems, English & Literature, Marketing & Sales, Office Administration, Psychology, Skilled Trades and Sociology.

"Telecourses and Web-based courses are great for anyone who needs to stay at home with a family or business," Dr. Brown explained. "Seniors and disabled students also tell us they appreciate the convenience of taking classes in their own homes."

Both types of courses offer students the same college credit they would earn by taking a class on campus. Students in Telecourses can stay in touch with their professors by phone, e-mail, fax or scheduled meetings to ask questions and discuss course material.

Students can choose from more than 40 Telecourses offered by the Owens Findlay Campus in the areas of: Accounting, Art, Business, Computer Information Systems, Early Childhood Education, Economics, English & Literature, French, Government, Health Science, History, Humanities, Marketing & Sales, Mathematics-Developmental, Mathematics, Philosophy, Psychology, Sociology, Spanish and Speech.

Spring classes at Owens begin January 14. To register for a Telecourse or Web-based Course, or for more information, call (567) 429-3500.

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