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Owens Students Honored for Coordinating Disaster Relief Efforts to Aid New York City

Your Success Starts Here Owens students (left) Carrie McMullen and Sean Gregory with Board of Trustees Chair, Patricia A. Wise. Photo provided by the Owens Public Relations and Marketing Office.

Owens Community College students Carrie McMullen of Perrysburg and Sean Gregory of Toledo, both Arts and Science majors, recently were honored by the College's Board of Trustees, as well as state and national government officials for assisting in their own way in wake of the terrorist tragedies September 11.

The two students took it upon themselves, with support of the Student Life Office, to organize a Supply Drive to aid the relief efforts by emergency workers at the World Trade Center disasters in New York City.

Among the government officials recognizing the Owens students were U.S. Senator Mike DeWine, Ohio Representative Robert Latta and Ohio Senators' Linda Furney and Randy Gardner.

Senator Mike DeWine in his commendation letters to both McMullen and Gregory applauded their patriotic contributions and responsiveness to helping others.

"Ohio is fortunate to have individuals such as yourselves who are willing to serve others," DeWine said. "It is such a selfless attitude as your own that makes this country great. Thank you for answering the call of fellow Americans in need."

Dr. Christa Adams, President of Owens Community College, said she sees the students as role models who have set an example of citizenship, which is very inspiring.

"I am very proud of these two students and their desire to make a difference," she said. "They are a reflection of what is good about America and colleges of higher education."

McMullen and Gregory were able to secure a 24-foot truck, donated by a local trucking company, and organized a three-day donation drive at Owens Community College. With contributions from Northwest Ohio companies and the community, as well as Owens faculty, staff and students, they filled the truck to near capacity with various items, including hard hats, gloves and flashlights.

At 6 a.m. on Thursday (September 20), McMullen and Gregory departed for New York City to deliver the supplies to the Ground Zero site. The Supply Drive was coordinated through the New York City Emergency Management Office.

"When they returned home I was told a majority of the supplies were immediately distributed to aid the emergency workers," said Dermot Forde, Owens Student Activities Coordinator.

"One hundred percent of the credit for organizing this Supply Drive goes to these two students," Forde said. "Carrie and Sean are the type of students who will motivate others to be active and involved in the campus and the community. They are wonderful examples of leadership. I know they'll continue to promote volunteerism among our students."

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