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Published 2/8/2005

Owens Student Leaders Inducted Into Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society

One hundred sixty-nine Owens Community College students recently were honored for their excellence in higher education, earning membership into the Alpha Omega Pi Chapter of the Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society. Owens' chapter of the Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society is the second largest in the state of Ohio.

Phi Theta Kappa was established in 1918 by the presidents of eight Missouri junior colleges for women. In 1924, the international organization was expanded to include all two-year colleges. To date, more than one million individuals have been inducted into the international honor society.

The overall mission of Phi Theta Kappa is to recognize academic excellence among two-year college students, provide opportunities for leadership training and an intellectual climate for the exchange of ideas and ideals. In addition, the society continues to promote among its members the four standard hallmarks: scholarship, leadership, service and fellowship.

"Owens Community College is extremely proud of our inductees for their dedication and commitment to higher education," said Chuck Bohleke, Owens Chair of Business Technologies. "Induction into the Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society is considered one of the highest compliments an individual in higher education can receive. Their selection is a tremendous achievement."

Selection criterion for students receiving the honor is based upon enrollment in a two-year college, completing a minimum number of course hours set forth by the individual chapter, achieving a minimum 3.8 grade point average and exemplifying academic excellence, as determined by faculty. Honorary members are those who, according to the honor society or the local chapter, have exhibited distinguished service to higher education.

The Alpha Omega Pi Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society student inductees for the 2004-05 academic year are:

Gina Adams of Toledo    (Pre-Physical Therapist Assistant Program)
Deborah Alesch of Bloomdale    (Associate of Science, General Concentration)
Kelly Alford of Toledo    (Pre-Surgical)
Coleena Ali of Toledo    (Pre-Business Administration Concentration)
Tina Allen of Oregon    (Registered Nursing Program)
Susan Ammon of Waterville    (Registered Nursing Program)
Maria Arriaga of Toledo    (Pre-Business Administration Concentration)
Jennifer Artressia of Findlay    (Business Management Technology)
Patches Aurand of Sycamore    (Accounting Technology)
Megan Bailey of Pemberville    (Early Childhood Education Technology)
Maree Bargar of Toledo    (Sociology Concentration)
Mary Bash of Findlay    (Registered Nursing Program)
Dusty Bastion of Wauseon    (Pre-Surgical)
Kimberly Baumgartner of Maumee    (Pre-Nursing)
Christina Blakley of Findlay    (Quality Assurance)
Matt Blosser of North Liberty, Ind.    (Caterpillar Dealer Service Technician Program)
Allyson Bock of Toledo    (Early Childhood Education Concentration)
Sheri Bowling of Carey    (Registered Nursing Program)
Aimee Bretzloff of Maumee    (Pre-Nursing)
Ashley Brough of Genoa    (Dietetic Technician Program)
Courtney Browne of Toledo    (Pre-Nursing)
Heidi Bruns of Bowling Green    (Early Childhood Education Concentration)
Ashley Bryan of Oregon    (Registered Nursing Program)
Harmony Bryan of Northwood    (Office Administration Technology)
Jennifer Bunge of Swanton    (Associate of Arts, General Concentration)
Eudondra Butts of Toledo    (Pre-Licensed Practical Nursing Program)
Brandy Campbell of Perrysburg    (Peace Officer Academy)
Lindsay Clawson of Fostoria    (Associate of Science, General Concentration)
Richard Clever of Toledo    (Networking and Information Systems Support)
Kaydra Coats of Pandora    (Registered Nursing Program)
Nancy Coker of Curtice    (Radiography)
Sarah Collins of Toledo    (Pre-Nursing)
Deborah Compton of Toledo    (Registered Nursing Program)
Kerri Corbitt of Perrysburg    (Pre-Nursing)
Tracy Costell of Toledo    (Pre-Nursing)
Steve Costell of Perrysburg    (Accounting Technology)
Barbara Costilla of Toledo    (Accounting Technology)
Andrea Cropcho of Perrysburg    (Registered Nursing Program)
Andrew Cruthers of Genoa    (Networking and Information Systems Support)
Judy Czerniawski of Toledo    (Network Electronics)
Carol Davis of Toledo    (Early Childhood Education Concentration)
Emmanuel Diakonis of Maumee    (Associate of Arts, General Concentration)
Deborah Dible of Fostoria    (Accounting Technology)
Nicholas Dittes of Swanton    (Pre-Professional Engineering Concentration)
Adam Donaldson of Continental    (Radiography)
Adrienne Doty of Rawson    (Registered Nursing Program)
Holly Duhamel of Toledo    (Industrial Mechanic)
Hope Eber of Perrysburg    (Photography Concentration)
Jo Ann El-Tatany of Toledo    (Registered Nursing Program)
Joshua Francis of Bowling Green    (Associate of Arts, General Concentration)
Paul Frankforther of Wayne    (Accounting Technology)
Michelle Franks of Toledo    (Computer Programming Technology)
Stacy Freeze of Toledo    (Adolescence Education Concentration)
Gregory Fritsch of Tiffin    (Registered Nursing Program)
Korey Gawronski of Toledo    (Wide Area Networking Technology)
Katie Gedert of Perrysburg    (Associate of Arts, General Concentration)
Kenneth Georgia of Waterville    (Registered Nursing Program)
Nichole Gernot of Toledo    (Early Childhood Education Technology)
Matthew Good of Swanton    (Supervision)
Angela Gordon of Grand Rapids    (Early Childhood Education Technology)
Sarah Grant of Woodville    (Early Childhood Education Technology)
Yvonne Greely of Toledo    (Early Childhood Education Technology)
William Harbauer of Perrysburg    (Associate of Arts, General Concentration)
Rose Haselman of Leipsic    (Early Childhood Education Concentration)
Kelly Hayward of Toledo    (Networking and Information Systems Support)
Julia Heitmeyer of Leipsic    (Office Administration Technology)
Cathy Helle of Oak Harbor    (Accounting Technology)
Leonard Hendricks of Toledo    (Network Electronics)
Benjamin Hooper of Toledo    (Associate of Arts, General Concentration)
Diane Hudson of Findlay    (Business Management Technology)
Tomi Huss of Toledo    (Associate of Arts, General Concentration)
Lily Ingraham of Bowling Green    (Associate of Science, General Concentration)
Ryan Janicki of Waterville    (Pre-Business Administration Concentration)
Roy Jeknavorian of Forest    (Business Management Technology)
Ryan Johnson of Perrysburg    (Pre-Business Administration Concentration)
Cynthia Kenny of Grand Rapids    (English Concentration)
Marie Kessler of Wauseon    (Pre-Nursing)
Selma Khouri of Northwood    (Web Development Option)
William King of Perrysburg    (Web Development Option)
Sonia Kinsinger of Mount Cory    (Associate of Arts, General Concentration)
Daryl Kirkpatrick of Toledo    (Criminal Justice Technology)
Angela Klausing of Ottawa    (Registered Nursing Program)
Shawna Koelbel of Findlay    (Registered Nursing Program)
Alysia Kozbial of Maumee    (Associate of Arts, General Concentration)
Dawn Kracht of Leipsic    (Registered Nursing Program)
Brian Krantz of Toledo    (Associate of Arts, General Concentration)
Tracy Kromer of Port Clinton    (Accounting Technology)
Michael Lacey of Perrysburg    (Microcomputer Business System)
Candy Lanning of Findlay    (International Business Option)
Steven Latsch of Toledo    (Computer Programming Technology)
Dawn Leestma of Toledo    (Pre-Nursing)
Carey Likens of Oregon    (Fire Science Technology)
James Linser of Toledo    (Business Management Technology)
Susan Locke of Maumee    (Pre-Business Administration Concentration)
Domonique Lucio of Toledo    (Criminal Justice Technology)
Laurene Markis of Toledo    (Office Coordinator Option)
Cory McVay of Toledo    (Computer Programming Technology)
Leah Miller of Findlay    (Registered Nursing Program)
Heather Milne of Woodville    (Interior Design Concentration)
Michael Minor of Toledo    (Pre-Business Administration Concentration)
Gillian Mitchell of Perrysburg    (Pre-Dental Hygiene)
Charles Mohler of Weston    (Criminal Justice Technology)
Simon Montague of Graytown    (Corrections Option)
Melissa Morgan of Curtice    (Registered Nursing Program)
Charles Morrin of Toledo    (Pre-Radiography)
Steve Morris of Toledo    (Associates of Arts, General Concentration)
Katie Morrissey of Oregon    (Associate of Science, General Concentration)
Kyle Munroe of Bowling Green    (Associate of Science, General Concentration)
Ruth Nash of Maumee    (Pre-Nursing)
Timothy Navarre of Toledo    (Business Management Technology)
Bianca Naves of Holland    (Adolescence Education Concentration)
Sean Nestor of Toledo    (Wide Area Networking Technology)
Eddie Nolen Jr. of Oregon    (Agribusiness Management Technology)
Paula Okuley of Sylvania    (Surgical Program)
Debra Olejownik of Swanton    (Accounting Technology)
Jason Olson of Lambertville, Mich.    (Registered Nursing Program)
Jamie O'Neil of Lyons    (Nuclear Medicine)
Kathleen Pahl of Arlington    (Office Administration Technology)
Daniel Pellizzari of Toledo    (Criminal Justice Technology)
Shane Perley of Oregon    (Pre-Radiography)
Jessie Rader of Rawson    (Radiography)
Rebecca Ray of Toledo    (Registered Nursing Program)
Dannielle Rayle of Ottawa    (Registered Nursing Program)
Joseph Rayner of Oregon    (Radiography)
Diana Rettig of Wharton    (Accounting Technology)
Andrea Rimer of Findlay    (Registered Nursing Program)
Matthew Ritzman of Millbury    (Criminal Justice Technology)
Larry Rosenberger of Findlay    (Registered Nursing Program)
LeeEllen Scheanwald of Toledo    (Accounting Technology)
John Schoder of Battle Creek, Mich.    (Caterpillar Dealer Service Technician Program)
Nilgun Sezginis of Northwood    (Health Information Technology)
Susan Shasteen of Toledo    (Business Management Technology)
Lisa Sizemore of Sylvania    (Health Information Technology)
Kelly Slavik-Bosworth of Rossford    (Registered Nursing Program)
Joya Smith of Toledo    (Registered Nursing Program)
Lori Sodd of Toledo    (Networking and Information Systems Support)
Alicia Sommers of Rossford    (Commercial Art Technology)
Debra Stanfield of Bryan    (Health Information Technology)
Samantha Stanfill of Swanton    (Registered Nursing Program)
Beatriz Steen of Findlay    (Office Administration Technology)
Amy Steffen of Leipsic    (Pre-Nursing)
Kristina Stevens of Pandora    (Registered Nursing Program)
Aaron Stevenson of Lorain    (Associate of Arts, General Concentration)
Douglas Stout of Waterville    (Electrical/Electronics Engineering Technology)
Kristen Suter of Sylvania    (Multi-age Education Concentration)
Barbara Swan of Toledo    (Accounting Technology)
Kelly Szparka of Sylvania    (Early Childhood Education Concentration)
Heidi Tatum of Findlay    (Registered Nursing Program)
Rosalinda Torres of Toledo    (Medical Office Support Option)
Lisa Traub of Wayne    (Sociology Concentration)
Kenneth Trimble of Columbia Station    (Caterpillar Dealer Service Technician Program)
Kathleen Varga of Curtice    (Registered Nursing Program)
Iris Velasquez of Defiance    (Associate of Arts, General Concentration)
Sarah Waite of Fostoria    (Registered Nursing Program)
Ashley Wall of Maumee    (Accounting Technology)
Shannon Walston of Bowling Green    (Criminal Justice Technology)
Jeffrey Walters of Monroe, Mich.    (Landscape and Turfgrass Management Program)
Kelly Wangler of Toledo    (Accounting Technology)
Spencer Warders of Holland    (Early Childhood Education Technology)
Jennifer Wasserman of Millbury    (Office Administration Technology)
Carl Weaver of Holland    (Accounting Technology)
Jon Weber of Oak Harbor    (Construction Trades)
Eric Weith of Bowling Green    (Electrical)
Andrew Wigman of Monroe, Mich.    (Automotive Service)
Matthew Willi of Waterville    (Associate of Arts, General Concentration)
Marilyn Williams of Carey    (Registered Nursing Program)
Elisha Winslow of Toledo    (Associate of Arts, General Concentration)
Keryn Work of Findlay    (Pre-Nursing)
Hope Zalecki of Toledo    (Pre-Nursing)

Owens Community College is one of the fastest-growing higher educational institutions in Ohio. On the Toledo-area and Findlay-area campuses, Owens serves more than 45,000 credit and non-credit students making it the number one choice for Northwest Ohio college students. Owens is committed to providing small classes, personal attention and unmatched affordability. Owens Community College offers over 130 program areas in Agriculture, Business, Fine and Performing Arts, Health, Public Service, Skilled Trades, and Industrial and Engineering Technologies. Owens students also can earn the first two years of a bachelor's degree with a smooth transfer to any area four-year college or university.


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