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#EndCCStigma Podcast Teaser

Posted on March 19th, 2019

During Community College Month in 2019, we will be producing four unique episodes of the #EndCCStigma Podcast Project. A collection of voices from our social media to end the stigma against community colleges, these podcast dialogues are designed to amplify the voices of those of us who are pushing back against inaccurate stereotypes of two year college. These are the voices of students, graduates, faculty, administrators, community leaders and college presidents.

A teaser for the podcast project is below. Episodes “drop” on each Wednesday of Community College Month: April 3, 10, 17, and 24. Podcasts will be published here on my President’s Blog and Twitter.

Show Notes

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As we produce the podcast, I will try to achieve the highest standard of accessibility. To that end, here is a complete transcript of the teaser promo:

#EndCCStigma Podcast Project
Promotional Teaser

[Music plays]

Tenisha Baca
I am really proud of the fact that I started at a community college. I feel like it was one of the best decisions of my life.

Matt Reed
Community colleges teach. So we hire people who are good teachers and we focus all the professional development around teaching. It’s all about teaching. You are going to have amazing classroom experiences and they’re going to be affordable and they’re going to be local.

Josiah Litant
It’s to change the conversation that it’s not a “this or that.” That the four-year degree, the two-year degree, technical trades, those are options of should all be on the table. We have to get away from this idea that you know one is it’s going to go better than the other.

Tenisha Baca
You get a quality education at a community college. Don’t let anyone tell you anything less than that. So wherever you’re going in life, I feel that community colleges can help you to get there. They provided me quality preparation to help me to reach to where I am at right now.

[Music Fades]

Steve Robinson

Hey everybody and welcome to the hashtag #EndCCStigma podcast project. I’m Steve Robinson, President of Owens Community College in Ohio, and I’m delighted to be bringing you voices from our social media campaign to end the stigma against community colleges. We are planning four podcast episodes for the month of April, and if you’re listening to this message before April 10th or so, there’s a chance that your voice could be included in the podcast that will be published during Community College month.

There’s a lot of great activity happening on Twitter and social media to push back against inaccurate perceptions of community colleges, and we would love for you to join the conversation. The podcast will be published each week and Community College month, and this is not one of them. This is just a teaser, and I wanted to say a couple of things about the podcast as we go forward. First of all I want to thank three folks who’ve already recorded interviews with me: Tenisha Baca, Matt Reed, and Josiah Litant. You heard their voices in the intro, and I also want to give credit to the music. The music that will use as bed music, transition music, and outro music was composed by Scott homes and is licensed through Creative Commons. Scott makes great tracks for this kind of production work. You can find his information at The track that were using as background music for this podcast project is called “Make Your Dream Reality.” It is licensed through Creative Commons, and I would encourage you to go find Scott’s music, and if your organization is interested in having soundtracks, give him some attention and business.

So I look forward to hearing from folks. If you would like to be on the podcast, you can reach out to me on Twitter. My Twitter handle is @OCCPresident, or you can visit a landing page that we’ve put together with the URL

Thanks for tuning in. We’re very excited about the podcast project. The first one will be published on the Wednesday of the first week of April. Until then, keep using the hashtag #EndCCStigma, and I will see you on Twitter.

Steve Robinson, Ph.D.