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Owens Community College and the Provost Office is committee to shared governance.  As a means of seeking input on matters of academic policy, procedure, curriculum, assessment, and academic affairs, the Provost Office has established the following committees to seek input from a broad range of stakeholders on matters administrated by the Provost.

Academic Standards Committee

The charge of the Academic Standards Committee is to ensure that the respective policies, procedures, and practices support learning excellence and the College mission. To this end the committee is charged with five specific objectives.  The Committee will:

  1. educate the college community about OCC’s academic AND student affairs procedures and practices.
  2. review existing and proposed academic and student affairs policies, procedures, and practices.
  3. solicit, from the college community, topics and feedback regarding academic and student affairs policies, procedures, and practices for committee consideration.
  4. develop data driven recommendations regarding academic and student affairs policies, procedures, and practices and forward those recommendations to the Provost.
  5. inform the college community regarding committee deliberations.
  6. conduct open forums on proposed changes to or new policies, procedures and practices as appropriate. 

Academic Standards Committee Meeting Minutes:

Chairs Council

The purpose of the Chairs Council is to:

  1. communicate across departments on college matters to ensure a high level and consistent knowledge and understanding about the college process, procedures, and strategic initiatives. 
  2. ensure consistent implementation of college policy and procedures pertaining to college matters at each campus and learning center
  3. make recommendations to Dean’s Council on processes affecting the implementation and delivery of academic programs and curriculum  (for example, but not limited to:  schedule management, academic calendar, contractual implementation, curriculum committee, assessment and PREP processes

Curriculum Committee

The purpose of the Curriculum Committee is to ensure that proposed curriculum changes (a) meet the needs of the community served by the College and (b) adhere to the regulations of the Ohio Board of Regents; as well as to maintain oversight of the Program Review and Evaluation Process (PREP).  Specifically, the Curriculum Committee will address its charge through nine objectives.  The Committee will:

  1. communicate across departments on college curriculum matters to ensure a high level and consistent knowledge and understanding about the college curriculum process and Ohio Board of Regents operating manual requirements. 
  2. Review curricular changes in terms of, but not limited to, quality, coherence, continuity, consistency, and appropriateness;
  3. Reviews CIP codes to ensure consistency across disciplines.
  4. Review course and lab material fees to ensure that that the fees are appropriate to the expenditures required for the course.
  5. Review pre-reqs and co-reqs to ensure programs using the courses are aware of the changes; 
  6. Review courses to ensure the college is not duplicating courses nor creating proliferation of courses;
  7. Ensure course and program submissions adhere to OBR requirements;
  8. Seek input from stakeholders as needed;
  9. Inform the College community about proposed curriculum changes;
  10. Recommend proposed curriculum changes to the Provost;
  11. Make recommendations pertaining to catalog production;
  12. Establish the timeline for curricular change submissions;
  13. Develop and maintain a College approved website for posting information regarding Committee activities;
  14. Develop and publish standardized procedures for curricular change submissions;
  15. Clarify, identify appropriateness of changes; and
  16. Conduct the Program Review and Evaluation Process (PREP).

Curriculum Committee Meeting Minutes:

Findlay Campus Academic Affairs Advisory Council

The purpose of the Academic Affairs Advisory Council for the Findlay campus is to advise the Provost on matters of academic affairs on the Findlay area campus, (b) to enhance communication between the academic affairs division on both campuses, (c) and to seek input from stakeholders on potential program and service needs on the Findlay campus.

Provost Council

The purpose of the Provost Council is to advise the Provost on strategic initiatives pertaining to the college’s strategic plan and matters pertaining to academics, academic services, student affairs and marketing.  Additionally, Provost Council serves as a vehicle to facilitate communication between the areas of the College reporting to the Office of the Provost.  Further Provost Council reviews recommendations from other standing committees in the Provost Office governance structure and makes suggestions and recommendations to the Provost pertaining to those recommendations.

Student Learning Assessment Committee

The purpose of the Student Learning Assessment Committee is to develop, implement, and monitor a comprehensive, efficient and effective institution-wide process for assessing student learning that will support effective advancement of the College’s learning mission and goals.  Three specific objectives support this effort and are related to (a) coordination and supervision, (b) education and information, and (c) measurement and evaluation will enable the Committee to address the charge.  To this end the SLAC will:

  1. initiate, coordinate, and monitor the assessment process (i.e., all assessment efforts and activities) at the College by:
  2. educate itself and the College constituent units about issues pertinent to the assessment process and celebrate learning outcomes achievements by:
  3. monitor the selection and use of measurement tools and provide an optimistic and honest evaluation of the assessment process by:
  4. develop, monitor, review, evaluate and report on the college’s general core competencies.

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