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Awards and Grants

Managed By the Office of the Provost

Internal Awards

The Office of the Provost recognizes the importance of academic leadership, teaching and scholarship as vital to providing high quality academic experiences for students. The Office of the Provost fosters the development of academic leadership and the recognition of outstanding teaching on an annual basis.

Academic Leadership Professional Development Award: The purpose of the Academic Leadership Professional Development Award is to provide opportunities for individuals currently serving in academic leadership positions to enhance or acquire existing skills and experiences related to their area of leadership.

Faculty Excellence Award (formerly known as the Apple of the Year Award): The Faculty Excellence Award recognizes outstanding faculty. An annual award is presented to an individual, chosen by their peers, in recognition for their subject mastery, scholarship, teaching effectiveness, creativity, and demonstration of the core values of the college.

Internal Grant Opportunities

The Office of the Provost offers several internal grant opportunities annually.

Faculty Innovative Teaching with Technology Grant (FITT): The purpose of the FITT grant is to provide full time faculty an opportunity to obtain funding for a new technology to utilize to enhance teaching and/or learning as a pilot for an academic year. The pilot would allow the faculty member to evaluate the benefit of the new technology for use within the classroom (face-to-face, hybred, on-line, lab or clinical setting) as a mechanism for enhancing student learning or course delivery. That enhancement could include greater achievement on existing student learning outcomes or the inclusion of additional student learning outcomes that presently are not able to be accomplished in the course, but might otherwise be added if the new technology is adopted by the department.

New Program Technology Grant: The purpose of the New Program Technology Grant is to provide schools and departments with an opportunity to secure funding to acquire the technology necessary to begin a program offering on campus.

Perkins Mini-Grant Awards: The purpose of the Carl D. Perkins mini-grant program is designed to provide an opportunity for schools and departments to develop the academic, vocational, and technical skills of secondary and post-secondary students who elect to enroll in vocational and technical education programs.

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