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Provost Updates

January 29, 2010

Dear Owens Community,

I want to thank all the members of our Owens community who engaged in the many and varied processes that lead and support the delivery of our credit and non-credit programs at Owens Community College -- on two campuses and at two learning centers. So many areas of this College assisted our students in accessing the education and workforce training they need to successfully move to the next step of their personal and professional goals.

I think it is easy for us to focus on 14th day enrollment numbers because they appear easily understood and lead to obvious conclusions. Or, so we think. Our 14th day numbers are just a snapshot, not only of size, but of the tremendous amount of work and commitment by you, the dedicated employees of Owens Community College. But, the snapshot does not provide a complete picture of growth and quality.

For example, with the start of the Spring semester for 2010, the College has experienced its highest class and section enrollment ever for a Spring semester. Let me explain. One full-time equivalent student, also known as 1 FTE is equivalent to a student who takes a full class load of 15 credit hours in a semester. This spring semester, we have 12,175 FTE students enrolled in classes, as compared to 11,340 FTE students who were enrolled, Spring 2009. This increase in FTE is 7.5 percent. Great news, as it follows on the heels of Fall 2009 when we experienced 13,000 FTE, a 15 percent increase in FTE over the previous fall. Simply, students are taking more classes.

Let me share with you another example. The 14th day snapshot is not the complete picture. The College receives state share of instruction funding based on the full time student equivalent, which is measured 30 days after the completion of the semester. Often during the semester, Workforce and Community Services provides additional credit course offerings that do not appear in the 14th day snapshot. These WCS trainings are scheduled to meet specialized needs and demands of Northwest Ohio and do not fit within a traditional semester. These credit offerings have a positive impact on our final FTE student count that is reported to the State, 30 days after the semester ends.

Congratulations to all faculty and staff for their tremendous efforts in generating and supporting these types of enrollments.


Renay M. Scott, Ph.D.
Interim Provost

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