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Provost Updates

June 9, 2010

Dear Campus Community:

I wanted to take a moment to provide an update on academic initiatives on campus so as to keep you informed about what is happening in this area. I had an opportunity to provide an update on academics in the State of the College Leadership Toolkit. However, not all of you attend the Leadership Toolkit. Consequently, I wanted to share with you some important information.

School of Nursing Update: The RN program is making good progress toward submitting their Candidacy Presentation to the NLNAC to reaccreditation. The Candidacy Presentation is the second, of four, steps in the accreditation process. Once the Candidacy Presentation is submitted and accepted, the RN program will be invited to submit a full self-study (step three) leading to a site visit (step four) and decision. The RN program remains approved by the Ohio Board of Nursing and the spring graduates are beginning to take their NCLEX-RN exams leading to licensure. The RN program received funding for six new Clinical Teaching Associate positions. These full time OFA positions will assist the program in meeting the Faculty Standard which was not met during the program's previous accreditation. Additionally, the program has been recruiting more mastered prepared adjuncts further addressing the Faculty Standard that was not met during the program's previous accreditation.

College Accreditation with the Higher Learning Commission: The College completed the Systems Portfolio and submitted it to the Higher Learning Commission who then reviewed the submission. The review by the HLC was very favorable. The HLC found that "Owens Community College has presented evidence that it complies with each of the Five Criteria for Accreditation and each of their Core Components". Go here for the full review. (pdf)

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