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Provost Updates

July 6, 2010

RE: State Initiatives to Watch

There are several initiatives being led by the Ohio Board of Regents (OBR) and the Chancellor that I would like to highlight for you. These initiatives will be important for you to watch and begin discussing at the school and department level. I would be more than happy to meet with your administrative team to share more about these initiatives.

Career-Technical Credit Transfer (CT)²

  • OBR has been involved in the creation and implementation of the (CT)² Verification of Course/Program Completion Form. This form will be used to review technical courses for transferability. Colleges and universities will be expected to submit their technical courses to review committees to determine whether or not the courses meet the CTAG outcomes.
  • OBR has completed a process leading to the addition of new CTAGs in Culinary & Food Service Management; Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning/Refrigeration; Basic Police Officer; and Information Technology Networking and Information Support & Services
  • OBR received recognition of (CT)² statewide guarantee as satisfactory with their new program approval policy from the Higher Learning Commission.

Military Credit

  • The OBR has engaged in research on the acceptance of and award of college credit toward military-based credit by Ohio institutions, based on Service members Opportunity College (SOC) Consortium Guide data. This research will serve as a basis for colleges awarding credit to military services members wishing to receive college credit for military experiences.

Ohio Transfer Module (OTM)

  • The OBR completed a process that resulted in the creation of learning outcomes for English Composition, a Second Writing course, College Algebra, Pre-Calculus, and Trigonometry
  • The OBR completed the revision of learning outcomes in Calculus I and II that were moved to Ohio Transfer Module from Transfer Assurance Guide Mathematics

Tech-Prep Programs

  • OBR is engaged in the investigation in the awarding of possibly some Education TAG credit through the Tech-Prep Teaching Professions Pathway. The results of this initiative could lead to the awarding for college credits for high school students who complete Tech-Prep courses at their high schools.

Transfer Assurance Guides (TAGs)

  • The OBR added Criminal Justice, Early Childhood Education, and Social Work Transfer Assurance Guides (TAGs). Institutions are submitting their courses to OBR for review and approval for transfer.
  • The OBR completed a process that resulted in the revision of learning outcomes in Health Information Management and Mathematics TAGs. Institutions are submitting their courses to OBR for review and approval for transfer.
  • The OBR completed a process that resulted in the addition of learning outcomes in Mechanical Engineering Technology TAG's 3-D Modeling

Advanced Placement (AP)

  • Implementation of the statewide Advanced Placement Policy and the creation of Course Alignment Recommendations - Went into effect fall 2009.

Future Initiatives to Watch

There are several future initiatives that the Ohio Board of Regents have discussed with the Chief Academic Officers group. Here are some of the examples:

  • Educational conference on and expansion in the award of military-based credit among Ohio's public institutions
  • Course Equivalency Management System (CEMS) training with faculty review panels
  • Research on the effectiveness of the Transfer Assurance Guides (TAGs)
  • Statewide Agreement for the Electrical Trades Apprenticeship Pathway
  • 100% active participation of our public institutions of higher education in the Articulation and Transfer Clearinghouse (ATC) in using web-services to send and receive transcripts
  • Production of the ATC supplement with statewide credit transfer guarantee information after the completion of the SIS Downloads
  • Proactive outreach to continue increasing institutions' participation in the (CT)² initiative
  • Creation of statewide articulation agreement in Pathways for the Teaching Professions and Early Childhood Education
  • A revision to the general education requirements for AAS, AAB, and ATS degrees has been proposed. (See attachment entitled: General Education Guidelines)
  • OBR has proposed a new operating manual for two and four year colleges and universities. (See attachment entitled: Guidelines and Procedures)

I have attached two documents that include the proposed revisions to general education requirements in technical degrees and the proposed operating manual for two and four year colleges and universities for your review.

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