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Adding/Dropping Classes
Instructions and download information.

Address, Telephone and/or Campus Changes
Options to keep your information up-to-date.

Authorization to Withhold Directory Information (PDF)
For students wanting to withhold information from being released to the general public.

Late Withdrawal Petition (PDF)
Used only after the last day to withdraw from a course(s) for an extenuating circumstance. Otherwise, use the add/drop form.

Petition for Ohio Residency Status Change (PDF)
Changing residency for tuition status.

Proxy Access (PDF)
Proxy Access provides an opportunity for Owens students to grant online access to their student information.

Re-Admittance Form (PDF)
For students needing to re-add classes after being dropped for non-payment.

Reciprocity-Indiana Resident (PDF)
Indiana residents who apply and are accepted into the John Deere Agricultural Technician or the Caterpillar Dealer Service Technician programs can attend Owens Community College at the in-state fees rate instead of being charged the higher out-of-state tuition surcharge.

Reciprocity-Monroe County Residents (PDF)
All Monroe County residents attending Owens Community College must apply for reciprocity in order to be eligible to participate in the in-state fees rate.

Student Release Form for Letter of Reference (PDF)
Give authorization to specific instructors/staff to reference certain educational records and information.

Transcript Requests
Information about ordering official transcripts.

Waiver/High School Articulation Agreement Application (fill-in PDF)
To request evaluation of vocational program course work for possible articulation credit at Owens.

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