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Graduation and Certificates

How do I apply (petition) to graduate or receive a certificate?

When nearing the completion of your program, you must submit a graduation or certificate petition by the posted deadline. To verify you have met or will meet all the requirements for your program, generate a new degree evaluation from Ozone under the Degree Evaluation student quick link. If you have any questions regarding your degree evaluation, please contact your academic advisor.

To submit the graduation or certificate petition:
(The graduation or certificate petition is valid for one term only)

  1. Log in to your Ozone account.
  2. Under Student Quick Links (left column) select Graduation Petition or Certificate Petition.
    (If you are earning more than one degree or certificate, you must submit a separate petition for each one)
  3. Upon submit of the petition, the student account will be charged the appropriate fee.

Fees for Graduation or Certificate petitions:
(Non-refundable fee. All financial obligations must be met to receive the official document)

  • Graduation (Associate Degree) petition fee $20.00.
  • Certificate petition fee $5.00.

For detailed information on the requirements to receive an Associate Degree, click here.

For detailed information on the requirements to receive a Certificate, click here.

Contact Information

For questions regarding the status of your petition or requirements, please email

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