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Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)
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What is "Directory Information?

  • FERPA identifies a category of non-academic information as "directory information" i.e. what institutions may release without student permission. However, FERPA also gives students the ability to restrict this information from the general public.
  • "Directory information" is the only information that Owens Community College will release to a third party without written consent from the student, except in certain conditions as specified by law.
What does OCC consider "Directory Information" that can be released without the written consent of the student?
  • Name
  • Telephone Number
  • Date of birth
  • Major field of study
  • Participation in officially recognized sport and activities
  • Date of attendance
  • Degrees and awards received
  • Weight and height of members of athletic teams
  • High school and hometown of members of athletic teams and specially recognized students


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