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GED Transcript Request




If you need an official transcript of your GED scores, a written request must be submitted to the State GED Office. You can access the Ohio GED website to obtain information and forms by using the link listed at the bottom of this page.

If you have taken the official GED test in Ohio and you wish to have a transcript of your original scores certified and mailed to a college, employer, or agency, you must complete the form on the reverse side and mail it to the State GED Office with proper payment form and amount. You may also use this form if you would like to have an official transcript for your own records. A transcript request takes approximately two weeks to process after it is received at the State GED Office. Incomplete or incorrect information will cause processing delays.

For your protection, the Privacy Act of 1974 requires written permission with your signature in order to release GED scores. Official score reports and/or GED record results will not be given over the telephone. Additionally, local GED testing centers cannot release GED score information. The State GED Office does not reproduce lost or destroyed diplomas.

For security and authenticity purposes, all official transcripts are mailed directly from the State GED Office to the institution, employer, agency, or individual.

The State GED Office has scores of the official GED taken at test centers in Ohio and High School Equivalence Diplomas issued by the Ohio Department of Education based on GED tests taken in other states. GED tests scores earned outside Ohio can be transferred to Ohio, if the scores are reported directly from (1) official State sponsored GED test centers; (2) DANTES; (3) Veterans Administration hospitals; (4) American Council on Education; or (5) other state departments of education.

The Ohio GED Transcript Request & Release of Information Form may be printed for multiple requests. Each request should be on a separate form with a separate payment attached to each form.

The service fee is non-refundable and is intended to cover the record search and does not guarantee the person has taken or earned a GED. An official transcript of GED scores or a "No Record Found" letter will be mailed to the institution, employer, agency or individual designated as the recipient of the requested information.

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