Registration Rewards!

Official Rules

  • All students currently enrolled in Spring semester 2014 become eligible for the Registration Rewards Scholarship if they are registered for 6 or more credit hours for Fall 2014.
  • Students registered for at least 6 credit hours for Fall 2014, will continue to be part of the random selection process thus the earlier a student registers, the more chances they will have to win.
  • Winners must maintain 6 credit hours through the of fall 2014 financial aid freeze date to remain eligible.
  • Registration Rewards Scholarships can only be applied to the tuition and fees of the selected student and are not refundable to the student or transferrable to any other student.
  • Registration Rewards Scholarship can only be applied to Fall 2014 tuition and fees and cannot be transferred to another semester for any reason, including but not limited to withdraw of courses or academic dismissal.
  • A student can only be chosen once.
  • Scholarships will be redeemed using a student's OCID number as the main identifier.