Owens Civic Ambassadors

Mentoring and Study Skill Support

Owens Community College was chosen as one of nine colleges nationally to pilot the Connect2Complete (C2C) program and the selected schools are committed to developing and testing the C2C model. Campus Compact (, together with the pilot sites, is using data and evidence from the pilot schools to support the identification of the essential elements necessary to codify a peer mentoring/service learning model.

The Connect2Complete program has become an institutionalized program on the Owens Community College campus, identifying a team of 15 Owens Civic Ambassadors (student employees) who serve as Peer Advocates and student leaders. They model student success and utilize community service experiences as tools to enhance and support student learning, specifically with first year Owens students, but expanding service to include students at all levels of achievement at Owens.

About Civic Ambassadors

Owens Civic Ambassadors are student employees who are recruited and trained to support their peers through community service that is directly tied to course curriculum. The student leaders offer one on one and group support to students and faculty, attend service events, maintain relationships with community partners, offer mentoring as a means of support with developmental subjects and connect students to valuable resources on campus when needed. Civic Ambassadors are also trained Ohio Benefit Bank Counselors who connect members of the community to needed resources and streamline the application process.

Visit or Contact Us

The Civic Ambassadors offer walk-in office hours and can be found in College Hall 154 or reached at (567) 661-2293 or

Civic Ambassadors

Andre, Civic Ambassador

Andre is from Curitiba, Brazil. He just completed his first year towards his Associate of Science. Currently he is involved in the International Student Club and plans to get much more involved on campus the next academic year. Andre aspires to live in New York, Paris, Tokyo, Los Angeles, Hawaii, and Dubai.

Andrew, Civic Ambassador

Hello. Hola. Hallo. Salut. Ola. Andrew Whitcomb works as a civic ambassador because someone once spread their happiness with him and changed his entire outlook on life. He really enjoys having that effect on others. He currently studies Biochemistry and World Geography and hopes to one day work for a research/relief organization and visit every country in the world.

Yasin, Civic Ambassador

Yasin Muhammad is from Toledo, Ohio. He's majoring in Biology and is working towards publishing five books he has written. He has practiced in three different martial arts, Tae Kwon Do, Muay Thai and Brazilian JiuJitsu and has taught a self-defense workshop.

Liza, Civic Ambassador

Liza is from Toledo, Ohio and plans on moving to Ireland after she retires. She is pursuing, at Owens, her Associates in Massage Therapy. She is currently involved in Skills USA. One of Liza's favorite foods is eggplant parmesan. On her free time she plays Roller Derby with Glass City Rollers, draws, and writes poetry. She loves animals and has two Parakeets and four cats. Her favorite thing about being a Civic Ambassador is volunteering and being able to make a difference in peoples lives.

Stacey, Civic Ambassador

Stacey is in her fourth year pursuing a Psychology degree. She is hoping to work as a Psychologist specializing in trauma. Stacey is part of PSI Beta, Student Government, Making Stronger Citizens, and the Gay Straight Alliance. Her favorite food is Tofu Tod. Her favorite memory is when she was on the plane trip from Albuquerque, New Mexico from the impact conference.

Stuart, Civic Ambassador

Stuart is originally from Memphis, TN. He wants to become a Graphic Designer. He is involved in the Student Government and Making Stronger Citizens. His favorite food is pizza, and his favorite childhood memories are from his summers spent with his grandparents.

Yusef, Civic Ambassador

Yusef is working on his second year of his Commercial Art and Design degree. He was born in Toledo, Ohio. Yusef aspires to live in Jamaica. He is involved in Self-Expression Teen Theatre, Student African American Brotherhood, Environment Club, and the Black Student Union. His favorite memory is from last year when he took a cruise to the Bahamas and his favorite food is salmon.

Jojo, Civic Ambassador

Jojo relates to all students. He is passionate about singing and art and his dream is to help those in need. Jojo has been involved in a variety of student clubs and organizations and is an ongoing performer in the Owens pop ensemble.

Cezar, Civic Ambassador

Cezar aspires to be a professional wrestler. He is 20 years old and lives in Toledo Ohio. His major is business and hobbies are wrestling, music and gaming. When he's not working hard at school or in Service Learning, he enjoys hanging out with friends.

Samantha, Civic Ambassador

Samantha is new to our program but is looking forward to sharing her enthusiasm for learning with others. Sam is from Pemberville, Ohio and considers herself a 'dreamer.'