Service Scholar Program

Civic Engagement, Critical Reflection, Scholarship

Students in the Service Scholar program receive exposure to community engagement initiatives through designated service activities, service learning courses and selected on campus events.

Program Mission: The mission of the Owens Community College program is to provide an opportunity for students to become civically engaged in their communities while building academic skills.

Students in the Service Scholar program must complete an application and schedule an appointment with director, Krista Kiessling, (567) 661-2275.

Download the Service Scholar Program Application.

Service Scholar Requirements:

  • Log and submit all service hours to the Center for Experiential and Community Engaged Learning (CECEL). (We will maintain a file for you.).
  • Maintain records, paperwork and contact information related to the chosen community partner organization(s).
  • Meet with program director twice before graduating; once soon after acceptance into the program and once prior to graduation to complete checklist and verify completion.
  • Maintain a 2.5 cumulative GPA -- academic status verified by the CECEL at the end of each semester.
  • Complete at least 40 hours of community service related to degree or course of study learning outcomes OR enroll in two courses with an embedded service-learning requirement (tbd by instructor or self-designed for Service Scholar credit.) OR participate in community engaged learning that is embedded into a degree program (i.e. dental hygiene, nursing, etc.).

Select a Community Partner Site:

Your service must address a community need identified by the organization with which you are serving. The Center for Experiential and Community Engaged Learning (CECEL), maintains a database of Community Partner Organizations. Service scholars should meet with Krista Kiessling and research local organizations and find relevant community organizations to work with while completing the requirements of the Service Scholar program.

Ideally, you will choose one organization to complete at least 60% of your required hours. If you cannot complete your hours with this organization, you may choose other community partners. By partnering with the same organization for an extended period of time, you will better understand the issues your community partner is working to address. You will also enhance your learning and develop a deeper awareness of the complexity of the issue. The CECEL is here to help you research organizations and find a meaningful partnership.

Service Logs:

Service logs are used to document the hours served with your community partner. These logs should be kept in a safe location. Logs can also be kept on file in the Center for Experiential and Community Engaged Learning. We will be working toward an option for online submission of service hours. Stay tuned.


As a Service Scholar, you must meet with program director twice prior to graduation. Meetings should be scheduled by appointment. You should schedule your first meeting soon after acceptance into the program. Your final meeting should be scheduled once you have completed your service hours and are getting ready to graduate. At this final meeting, you will complete a final checklist and confirm program completion.

Program Completion:

Upon completion of all program requirements students will be invited to attend the Academic Honors Breakfast, will receive a certificate of completion and a red, white and silver cord to wear at commencement. Service Scholars will be recognized during commencement and will have a notation of service scholarship on their Owens transcript.