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Financial Resources

Each eligible RSO is eligible for funding for events, programs, conferences, etc. through the Student Activities Finance Committee 3 times per year. Please review the funding documents to begin a Budget Proposal and contact the Student Activities Office at if you have questions about the funding process.

Funding Process

Read the Student Activities Finance Manual for helpful information.

Step One. Create Budget.
  • Plan ahead
  • Consult advisor
Step Two. Complete Budget Proposal Form.
Step Three. Receive Funding.
  • Spend money only on approved items from hearing and turn in Purchase Request Form to the SHAC 165 for purchasing of the approved items
  • Stay within Budget
  • Host event/program/etc.
Step Four. Post-spending.

After you have received funding from the Student Activities Finance Committee, the RSO/individual must complete the Funding Evaluation Form within 2 weeks of completion of the event or travel. Failure to complete these forms will cause the RSO/individual to become ineligible to receive future funding.

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