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RSO Advisors

Advisors to an RSO play a critical role in leading the group of students, providing direction and insight, and supporting the students. To become a student organization advisor, you must be a faculty or staff member of the College who has a high level of interest in the purpose of the club and is able to commit advising the group for at least one academic year.

The advisor is responsible for advising numerous student leaders; providing comprehensive direction and guidance as student leaders plan projects and events; serving as a resource to students; assessing and maintaining risk management practices; assessing and maintaining appropriate electronic databases; and participating in advisor trainings and meetings.

Other duties include:

  • Meeting with student officers at least once a month
  • Attending meetings and activities
  • Reviewing student organization registration forms, budget proposals, travel plans, constitutions and other forms
  • Helping ensure the activities of the organization reflects favorably on the university
  • Ensuring the organization is in compliance with the requirements from the Student Activities Office
  • Providing historical background and serve as a point of reference
  • Supporting participation for its contribution to educational and personal development
  • Assisting members in balancing their extra-curricular activities
  • Intervening in high-risk situations and challenge student decision-making when necessary
  • Advising with regards to fundraising, sponsorship and spending
  • Assisting in transitioning new officers and developing leadership skills of all members
  • Providing input into the recruitment, selection, and evaluation of members and officers
  • Traveling with members if travel is 150 miles or greater or overnight
  • Create and submit a year-end report to the student activities office

An advisor agrees to operate as a good faith ambassador for Owens Community College. Advisors agree to abide by all policies governing student organizations and are required to attend educational opportunities and training offered by Student Activities to promote further development.

The Student Activities Office is available for support and questions for all RSO advisors and you can stop by our office or contact us at

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