Frequently Asked Questions

Student Government

Q. What can Owens SG do for me?

A. Student Government is your voice on campus. SG members are your direct link to the people who make the real decisions. From the president of the College, to faculty, to the Department of Public Safety, they are all here because of you and they want to know what you think and what you need. Student Government is the way to bring all your needs and concerns to their attention.

Q. How do I get my concerns heard?

A. Contact us! We’re all over these halls-chances are, you’ve already seen us. You can come and visit us during our office hours or weekly meetings-visit the Student Government portal on OrgExpress for times, dates, and location of our meetings. Student Government also hosts Town Hall Meetings to get your concerns heard. Visit the Town Hall Meetings page for more information.

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Q. Is there a separate Student Government for the Findlay Campus or Learning Centers?

A. No. Although they are from different campuses, Student Government members represent both campuses and Learning Centers. Membership of Student Government consists of Representatives for Findlay and the Learning Centers. For more information visit the Getting Involved in Student Government page.

Q. Do the Student Government members really care about the students concerns?

A. We’re students, too! We face the same situations (and frustrations) as any other Owens student. Chances are, when a member brings up a student concern at one of our meetings, there is always one or more of us saying, “I’ve noticed that, too” or “I have to drive over that same bumpy railroad track everyday!” Your concerns are also our concerns.

Q. How do I get involved in Student Government?

A. Student Government has many ways for you to get involved either through events, meetings or membership. Visit the Upcoming Events and Meetings page for upcoming meetings and events. Visit the Student Government portal on OrgExpress for more information on membership and leadership positions available.