Math Tutoring Center

Whether you're looking for help with basic math, algebra, statistics, or trigonometry, precalculus or calculus, the Math Tutoring Center exists to help you be successful in reaching your academic goals. The goals of the Math Tutoring Center are:

  • To enhance student math skills
  • To reduce test anxiety
  • To increase students' understanding of math processes
  • To increase student's understanding of solution techniques
  • To instill a methodical approach to problem solving

The Math Tutoring Center works with all levels of math serving the entire student population to ensure the completion of your degree or certificate program.

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Available Services:

  • Tutors to work one on one or in small groups on specific concepts
  • Tutors to work one on one on instruction on calculators
  • Tutors to lead discussions of math terms and symbols
  • Tutors to help with the incorporation of technology in problem solving
  • Individualized academic assistance and access to self-paced tutorial Math software for computer tutorials:
    • Math Pert, which demonstrates the sequence of math
    • Mini tab, which helps with Statistics

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