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Program Outcomes with Assessment Results

Upon completion of the Associate Degree in Surgical Technology, the graduate will be able to:

  • Ensure that all supplies that will be needed during the case are in the Operating Room
  • Set up and maintain the sterile field
  • Check equipment for proper functioning before the case to prevent delays
  • Gown and glove themselves, the Surgeon and his/her assistants
  • Assist in preparing drapes and draping the patient
  • Drape a Mayo stand and place appropriate instruments on it
  • Organize the Back table and basins
  • Pass instruments and suture to the surgeon and assistants while anticipating their needs
  • Counting all of the supplies, especially sponges and sharps, with the circulating nurse
  • Keeping rack of names, amounts, and strengths of medication used on the surgical field
  • Assisting the surgeon by holding retractors or cutting suture
  • Clean the patient and the room at the end of the procedure
  • Apply dressings to the wound
  • Assist with positioning the patient and applying monitors pre-operatively

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